Pushing boundaries is all about me trying new things that can be big or small: from changing my route to work one morning, ordering a coffee instead of a tea (I love earl grey), eating different food, trying to cook new recipes, or wearing a dress to work. (Ahem, I am a dress pants girl.)

The goal is to have between 185-200 changes in my life. That means I need to do 1-2 changes per week.

Wait a sec. That might not be right. If there’s 52 weeks in a year, 365 days in total divide that in half and I get 182 and change. 52 weeks multiplied by 2 days per week only gives me 104 changes. Shoot. Ugh! That means I need to do 3-4 changes per week!!!! AH!!!! What have I gotten myself into?

Ok. Don’t panic. I can do this. 4 small changes per week. No problem. Let the fun begin!