Change #77: The Forbidden Realm: Facebook and Obsessive Graph Checking

I had an epiphany yesterday as I strolled around one of our smaller malls in Ottawa called Carlingwood Mall. As I passed the third jewellery store, I thought about the beginning of a relationship; that time when everything is new and fresh and a couple begins to date and they will spend long periods of time together in order to get to know each other. On occasion, in order to show your appreciation of the other person (most of the time the woman) a man will lavish expensive items like jewellery on the lady of his dreams.

What I’ve found in my relationships (whether with my husband, friends, family, or LBM) is that over time I begin to neglect the people that matter the most to me. I have many reasons: work stress (all my jobs including writing), grief, loss, financial concerns, chores….there are an endless number of reasons. I thought it was ironic though that at the beginning of my relationship with my husband, I was committed to spend a great deal of time with him. And today, we have short conversations before I run upstairs to work on my writing.

The same thing is true with my dog. When he was a puppy I would spend a great deal of time with him. Now that he is older and he’s coming up to his 9th birthday, I spend less and less time with him. Sure, I still do his walks and we snuggle on the couch in the mornings. But I have become more rushed with him, more impatient as my computer beckons to me to come and work on the many projects I have sitting in pending status.

My dog. LBM. The chocolate snug-a-boo who was a puppy when my Dad got sick, and a few months later when I got the call from my brother saying my father died. He was there when the phone rang again, 11 months later, and my mother said my brother had an accident. Almost 5 years after that phone call, another call – this time to announce my brother died. And he was there when I came home after my friend died last year.

And I neglect him. We use to spend Wednesday nights together, go for a big walk, pop some popcorn, and watch TV. HE LOVED IT. I know he loved it, because he would climb on the couch, flip upside down and his jowls drooped from hanging his head upside down. (He kind of looks like a bat.) It’s the ultimate indicator he is happy.

Tonight will be different. I always have to clean the floors and do laundry. That still has to be done. But, what I don’t need to do is lose 40 minutes obsessively checking my sales graphs with Amazon (really not that much changes daily/hourly) or hanging out on Facebook. The time I spend reviewing graphs alone normally costs me an hour. And that’s Hershey and my cuddle/watch TV together time.

After 5 PM tonight, no graph checking, or hanging around on Facebook. Tis forbidden.  I need to spend time with LBM.


P.S. Just in case you all think I’m a lousy wife, I do plan to be better to my hubby too. My dog can’t argue with me about blogging about him. Hershey can’t read.


How I feel About Applying Makeup Daily

Let me just say, it’s been 22 days into this change and I have no intention of failing this challenge now. (Just a reminder to those who just joined us, I am to wear makeup every day from March 1 – 31st to go along with my blonde hair.)  With the 20/20 vision of hindsight I can honestly say that….

I hate it. 

I really do. 

I know this to be a fact about me, thanks to Pushing Boundaries.

And if I had to do this challenge again, I would make it count for 30 entries as opposed to 1. Some weekends I really don’t want to do it. Many weekday mornings, I would prefer not to have the extra hassle. But I do it, because of this blog.

(**Slight tangent – did you notice? I’m behind in my blog posts by 4. As of yesterday, I was to be at 80. I can still reach 188, but barely.)

I am not a refined and elegant girl even with 42 years behind me. As a child, I would make mud pies for the fun of it. (Not with chocolate. With real mud. Outside.Ask my mother. If I could make money running every day, playing in the mud, or walking in the rain – that’s how I would live.

Here’s the picture of me from this morning with makeup applied. If you squint you can see it.

What’s with the deer in the headlights look? 


Oh, and another night doing the recumbent bike. Don’t knock the repeat exercise program.It’s more than I usually do, and tonight I was leaning quite heavily towards doing nothing. In my mind I thought, I can fulfill my exercise quota from Wednesday to Saturday. I would give me 5 days. And that’s how you fall behind.

Ok, below is the information from the recumbent bike. 174 calories for a little more than 30 minutes. (I entered 31 minutes so I could run and get the camera. The machine shows 38 seconds remaining of my time. I was too lazy to do the cool down session which would give me 35 minutes.)

You’ll have to trust me that I did 30 minutes. If you really want a little more proof we can compare to last night. I believe the screen showed 109 calories in 18 minutes.

I was probably biking slower tonight. I was tired. 


As well, related to procrastinating: I do believe my excellent procrastination skills that I developed over my many years, may also be the reason why I am behind in these changes.

Maybe I should make: do not procrastinate a change?

Change #76: The Commitment – 5 Days of Workouts This Week

Joke’s over.

I’ve had enough. I’m tired of feeling tired. Tired of planning to exercise, and never following thought with it.

Mostly, I’m tired of the headaches that have plagued me almost daily for the last two weeks. 

I know what I need to do. I know part of my problem is diet. The other part is most likely too much tea. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself drinking up to 5 cups a day. But right now, one problem at a time. I need to get me some exercise and try to build a habit.

Please enter blog followers.  

This is my promise: I will do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 5 days this week; and even on days when I walk Hershey twice, I must still do an additional 30 minutes. (Note: I’ve already lost one day because I did not workout on Sunday.)

I don’t care what it is. Whether it’s walking  an additional 30 minutes post-puppy walk , 30 minutes of doing the stairs at work for the CN Tower Stair Climb (yeah, I may die as that is now in – 2 weeks?), going to the gym to use the elliptical, the recumbent bike, or going for a run.

I own running shoes. I have a gym membership. I have access to a recumbent bike. I am lucky enough to be situated in an area with paved sidewalks.

No more excuses. 

I am obligated to do 30 minutes. However, I am permitted to divide the time. For example, I can do a 15 minute run in the morning, and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Exhibit A: Distance, Time and I think, Pace? (Did 2.25 KM before showering, dressing, driving to work and working. I count that as a win.)


Exhibit B: 18 Minutes on the recumbent bike. 🙂 But, it cleared my speed. Look though, burned 109 calories! I had one second to take this picture before the machine cleared everything else. 

It’s all about baby steps. 

Change #75:Café Au Lait At Planet Coffee

Today we found ourselves in downtown Ottawa to attend the yearly auto show that arrives this time of year. After the event, we made our way to Planet Coffee that is tucked away in a courtyard and is located at 24 York Street. In the summer, tables are situated in the courtyard where you can soak up some sunshine while sipping coffee or tea, while watching pedestrians scurry  by as they make their way to a number of shops, bakeries, museums, or  the Parliament Buildings that are located within a 20 minute walk of the café.

When I walked into the café, I decided in less than a second that I would try the café  au lait. I knew it was coffee – but I hoped for something special. The name itself implied that it might entail some gourmet blend of coffee, espresso shot, frothy milk, and maybe some whipped cream to top it off!

I’ll be honest and say I expected something similar to that of the Chili Mocha that I tried from Starbucks in the fall of last year. The rich gourmet decadent sweetness of coffee with mocha and topped with chocolate. My hubby ordered straight coffee so there was nothing to see as the barista served up his drink. Then I saw the barista pour half my cup with coffee.

Ok, I thought. It’s half coffee. That’s alright. 

Then I either saw him pour milk directly into the cup, or he had already steamed it and added it to the cup. He passed my cup to me in a matter of seconds.

I turned to hubby and said, “So, café au lait is just coffee with milk? ”

I added a packet of brown sugar to my drink and tried it. It was alright, probably because of the sugar.

Would I try it again?

I don’t think so.

Cafe Au Lait with snack! (Perhaps, I should do more research into what something is before I try it.)




Change #74: St.Patty’s Day Green Fail; Guinness Beer Success

I had hoped St. Patty’s Day would count as 2 changes. But over the last week I made several attempts to purchase a green dress, or green pants, and on both fronts I failed. I am very particular about how my clothing fits, and given that I’m still carrying some extra weight, it makes my shopping experience even more terrible.

I did think briefly about purchasing a pair of green pants that I half-liked. I thought I could wear it for the day, meet my challenge, and then if I chose to never wear them again I would be fine with that. Then the other part of me, the cheap part, that hates wasting money on clothes I never wear, spoke up. And I decided I really would not be alright with that. (It’s difficult being inside my head. I know.) 

For these reasons, on St. Patty’s Day I failed  to go green from top to bottom. I did successfully purchase a new green shirt that won’t make me feel like the pillsbury-dough-girl. (The colour tag said “Fern” so – it counts as green even if it looks more grey in certain light.) It will also be a shirt that I can wear to work. That in itself is a win.

For some reason, I figured if I could get the nail polish on, in spite of the clothing purchasing failure, I could still count myself very much green. I had the dark green colour (the name was “Posh”) on my nails until Thursday night. It was horribly chipped by that date. I had meant to paint my nails with Eclectic, (that was the lighter green) on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I simply did not make the time.

Not one to easily admit defeat, I removed the old polish on Thursday night around 10:30 PM. I roughly calculated that I might be able to apply the new colour on Friday morning before my walk with Hershey. At 5:00 AM after I made my lunch for work, I plopped myself in a chair at our dining room table to apply the new colour. I was originally going to go with one coat (lazy) but it looked terrible. I quickly applied a second coat, applied the fast dry coat, and prayed it would be done in a few minutes.

My nails were sloppily done with green that swelled around my cuticles. Bits of green were dribbled along the edges of my nails and under the top part of my nail. The burning, corrosive smell of nail polish, that toxic smell – hung in the dining room air. More importantly, it also clung to my nails.

Within a few minutes, my nails were surprisingly dry. After bundling up for the 135th day in a row because of the interminable winter in Ottawa, I saddled Hershey up with his collar and retractable leash and we headed out the door for our morning waddle down our street.

When I returned from home, the chemical smell of nail polish that hung in the air earlier had evaporated. However, the toxic smell lingered on my nails. It wasn’t strong, and to be honest, it required me to stick my fingers right to my nose. But I worry about such things. There are many places that now have a low-scent or no-scent policy. For this reason, I am obsessive over smells that I wear, fearing that I may trigger an allergic reaction from someone I know, or don’t know. (This might be a hint of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I know.)

I know it sounds ridiculous to worry about such things, but I suffer from seasonal allergies 6 months of the year. I understand the misery. During pollen season, it’s a situation of coughing-sniffling-sneezing-scratchy-eyes-so-that-you-can’t-get-your-contacts-in miserable time of year. In the fall when dearest ragweed season is upon us, it is a second, more milder version of the same symptoms.

Aside from seasonal allergies, there are a number of other things that I am also allergic to such as: dust mites, cat dander, and tobacco. (The list really is endless.) All this to say, you need not explain to me how one suffers because of an allergy. It might not be exactly the same as how I suffer – I suspect it’s probably much worse. However, my symptoms are enough to make me weepy; weepy to the point where during very high pollen months, I contemplate lying down in the street in order to wait for death to take me. (It sounds like I’m being dramatic but really, imagine having a perpetual cold three months of the year?)

In spite of my reasons for removing the nail polish, I felt defeated.

After this, I had a brief moment when I thought I would force friends and family to vote whether I had worn enough green to satisfy my St.Patty’s Day Green Challenge.  Then I decided that wouldn’t be fair. I knew the truth.

With my head held down pouting on my couch, I suddenly had a vision of a blonde woman in her early 40’s that tapped away at a keyboard in an office somewhere. With every finger punch to the keys, she saw her chipped dark green nail polish. She wore a small amount of makeup. As she sat at her desk, every time she moved her legs her calves burned from a workday stair climbing session she had over a lunch hour two days earlier. It had been one of a series of pathetic attempts to train for the CN Tower Stair Climb. The Stair Climb that was sometime ago a few months away, was now less than 3 weeks till D-Day. Her legs ached so much, she was now opting to take the elevator in the building whenever it was required whether it was one flight, or 5 flights of stairs.

It was me. I was that girl.

I’m still embarrassed to say that I fail. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the word itself. It implies someone who is inadequate and by implication, has not really made an effort to be successful at whatever they endeavoured to try.

But maybe it should be ok to fail. To say, I couldn’t do that this time. I was too tired. I had headaches three days in a row. I felt emotionally beat by the end of the week. This is not meant to provide excuses for not meeting an objective and avoid ramifications for failing. It is meant to accept defeat.

As well, a defeat should not be rewritten as a success. If you can admit a failure, means that you will take what you learned from the experience and try again another time. Or perhaps you will plan for it better, and further in advance. Or maybe decide at the very beginning, that it is too challenging to be attempted at this time.

My new definition of failure is this: it’s a part of life that allows a person to grow, to adapt, and to change. We all fail and it really is ok. 

That being written, I wore the green shirt to work during the day and showed a co-worker my green wig that I still planned to wear to the Barley Mow (a local pub) that night. After work, I changed my dress pants to my pleather pants, completed my makeup (purple eyeshadow with other colours) for the second time that day, pulled my “Rock Chic” hat on and red-pink gloves and walked to the Barley Mow. Before I entered the pub, I swapped my “Rock Chic” hat for my green wig. Then I proceeded to hunt for where my friends, Dan and Sheila, and hubby were hiding. As I walked in with my green wig on, I saw a woman smile and nod at me from another booth. I smiled and nodded back. As I turned the corner, I found our friends and my hubby tucked away in a corner booth away from everyone.

I yelled, “No one’s going to see me here!”

After my little outburst, we chatted for awhile and my hubby asked what drink I wanted and offered to get it from the bar. I decided, I WOULD NOT ORDER WINE. My last beer that I attempted, was more than 10 years ago and after that night, I vowed – never again!

But this March 17th would be different. It would be big. It would be bold. It would be Irish. Guinness Beer it was. If I couldn’t be fully Irish green from top to bottom, I would at least have an Irish drink.

My first taste of the beer, I stuck my tongue out like a baby might do when they had pureed broccoli for the first time. I decided that my taste buds might not be working properly, because I brushed my teeth prior to heading to the bar. As I had another sip, and then some more, my Guinness Beer dwindled away. I decided halfway through my beverage, I quite liked it. I was relieved to know that if we ever made it to Ireland, I would be able to enjoy a beer there while doing the local dance steps.

My Irish drink was a success. 



Update On Change #73: The Gluten-Free Challenge

I don’t always post the reasons why I am completing a challenge. This morning after my post from last night, I received a question from a friend who saw the gluten-free challenge on my blog and enquired as to why I would go gluten-free. I provided a lengthy explanation of my reasoning , assuring her that I was not going gluten-free because of a hidden concern over a gluten allergy.

From there it occurred to me, that my intention for this challenge was not to trivialize the symptoms, discomfort, and pain  that comes from fighting the fight against celiac disease. It was meant for me to understand the difficulties that a person goes through to live a gluten-free diet due to a food allergy. As well, I believe that everything for most people (not for those who have food allergies) is ok in moderation. My excessive eating of wheat, and sugary wheat products, I know is not healthy. In answer to the questions posed by my friend: yes, it may have been a test for me to see if eating a gluten-free diet made me feel stronger and healthier. (Going vegan sure did.)

I’m about to get very personal here. In my 20’s I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (You will need to google the symptoms if you’re curious and haven’t already heard of it. I’m not sharing.) Let’s sum it up as this – it’s an embarrassing stomach issue that a decade later they realized may be caused from not eating enough probiotic foods. (Enter, yogurt.)

Initially in my 20’s when I was first diagnosed, they didn’t know probiotics would help. They knew it was related to stress, eating poorly, and not exercising. For a few years, I spent many nights eating foods that would cause an “episode”, try to eat better and that would cause an “episode”, and then begin again with eating terribly.  After going for a colonoscopy and ruling out colon cancer at the ripe age of somewhere around 23, I was relieved, but very frustrated at the same time. I had no idea how to control my problem/refused to do anything really meaningful to alleviate the symptoms.

That is until my late 20’s when I began exercising. For me, that made all the difference. Also around that time, they figured out that eating probiotic yogurt helps as well. I began eating at least 1 yogurt per day. I rarely have a flare up of my problem today. In truth, it’s only in times of extreme stress when I completely stop exercising (now you know the reason why I need to workout)  that my old symptoms make a small come-back. It’s never to the same level of doubling-over-in-pain-where’s -nearest-bathroom? I had in my 20’s:  but it will make a small, this-is-annoying-pain.

For those people who suffer from celiac disease, I can’t imagine how frustrating and difficult it is for you. It’s odd, because when I originally considered completing this challenge I thought it would be easier than the vegan challenge because there seemed to be more gluten-free foods around. Turns out the cafeteria downstairs where I work only has a couple of gluten-free options: 1) Banana-chocolate Chip Muffin (OMG! SOOOO DELICIOUS!) and 2) plain white rice with some kind of carrots/cranberry mixture (Meh. Also, I hope they didn’t sneak something gluten-like into the mixture).

As well, Starbucks has only one snack food: Rice Crispy Bar. (They have lots of drinks that are gluten-free though. But if you want something edible and you live in Ottawa, make your way to Bridgehead. They have a much bigger assortment.)

For all my friends, family, and readers of this blog who suffer from a gluten allergy, I have a new understanding and appreciation how difficult it is for you to find foods that don’t bring on terrible symptoms.

With that said here’s the list of foods that I eat:

  1. Scrambled eggs with Feta Cheese (I googled feta cheese but I told you that last night. For those who don’t have gluten allergies: Do you know that some processed cheeses have trace amounts of gluten in them that can make a person with celiac disease sick? I did not know.)
  2. 2 Yogurts. (I’m trusting it doesn’t have gluten in it.)
  3. 2 bananas. (I seriously don’t know what to eat.)
  4. Rice Crispy Bar (That’s the gluten-free Starbucks snack. From the article I read, that’s all they have right now that is a pastry-like dessert).
  5. Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin (DELICIOUS!!! I thought about having another one for lunch. Then, I felt bad. I was worried I would eat the last gluten-free muffin in the building and what happens if someone else was counting on that for snack/lunch that is allergic?)
  6. Rice and vegetables. (We need not discuss that anymore.)
  7. Lemon bar (BRIDGEHEAD! And I get this almost every Saturday when I meet a friend for tea. I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS GLUTEN-FREE!)
  8. Wine
  9. Cheddar Cheese. (The real stuff, not processed.)  It was the end of the day. I really don’t have anything else to eat.

I did my best in going gluten-free. If there was even the slightest hint of wheat it was a no-go. Honestly though, without the allergy, I don’t know for certain if I got it right.

To my friends and family that suffer from a gluten allergy, here is my promise: I’ll make even more effort to find gluten-free foods when we dine together.




Change #73: Tomorrow, Go Gluten-Free

It should be interesting, because I thought briefly while shopping at the grocery store that I should prep for this challenge by buying some gluten-free food. Then I thought, I’m too tired. I can’t possibly do it tomorrow. Maybe next week. 

On another thought tangent after I was home, I realized March 20th is coming quite quickly and I want to be as close to 80 changes as possible. (It seems unlikely that I will hit that number, but I better be at 76 at least.) After I was home, I made the snap decision tomorrow would be gluten-free day.

My cafeteria where I work, has a fairly well stocked gluten-free assortment of food and snacks. (I’ve been thinking about this challenge for a few weeks. I have been quietly building lists of where/what I can eat.) They definitely have gluten-free  muffins. In a worst case scenario, I can call that my main course at lunchtime.

I have absolutely no idea what I will have for breakfast. Eggs? Does orange juice have gluten in it? Can I use Splenda in my tea? Have they added gluten to my feta cheese?

I seriously don’t know what I will do. I live on sandwiches. And cookies. And cake.  I AM GLUTEN.

OR GLUTTON. More likely, the second choice.

I suspect I will be spending a great number of hours googling foods tomorrow.

At the end of the day, I will post a list of the foods I eat.

Everyone, wish me luck!


Just googled Spenda and Feta.

I am good to go. No gluten in either one! Hooray!

Change #72: Avoid The Writing Vortex For A 9:30 PM Curfew

Drafted This At 6:25 AM This Morning (Before Work) 

It is 6:25 AM right now as I draft this blog post.

I am a delinquent bedtime child who refuses to go to sleep and continues to negotiate my bedtime schedule on a daily basis. I rise from my slumber every weekday morning at 4:30 AM to allow for sufficient time to eat breakfast, walk LBM, shower, and commute to work.

I know I should sleep more.There have been studies that show it impacts a person’s mood, has been linked to depression, increases a person’s risk of heart disease and cancer. In spite of this, I refuse  to make an effort to go to sleep before 10:30 PM or on other days, I don’t slink into the bedroom until 11:30 PM. That means some nights I am only averaging about 4 1/2 hours sleep.

I am trying to make more of an effort to get to bed earlier as I have noticed some problems such as:  I have difficulty making decisions, I can’t string two words together to save my life when writing, I am more emotional, and often times more clumsy. (I will drop things 3 or 4 times in a row.)

The problem is that the evenings are my only time to really concentrate on my writing. For this reason, sometimes I find myself caught in the writing vortex – that’s how I refer to it. It’s the beautiful spot where I’m on a roll, making huge strides in my writing, and then my eyes occasionally  drift down to the bottom right of my screen as I watch the minutes tick by on my computer. Or, maybe I’m not making any real progress at all. However, by going to bed it will mean that the only time I will get to work on my writing again, will be the next night after a full day. Or, maybe I get caught in the vortex just because I love to write and it’s hard to drag myself away from my computer. (There appear to be many reasons why I refuse to stop writing well past bedtime.) Either way, before you know it, I’ve lied again to my husband when I said, I’ll be in bed in 10 minutes.  

But tonight I am going to be in bed by 9:30 PM. This doesn’t mean I will be asleep. It just means I’ll be snuggled in and making an effort.  Hopefully with the extra beauty sleep, I won’t feel like the walking dead on Thursday.

Why did I draft this post early?

To avoid the writing vortex.  

(Ack! After work tonight, I almost got caught in the VORTEX doing revisions! Pulling self away from computer! Must prep for bedtime!)


Face is washed and moisturized.

Teeth are brushed.

Bed is made.

Hershey’s bed is made.

Picture of Time When I Am Ready to Go To Bed: 


Goodnight everyone! It’s officially 9:30 PM!

Update to Change #66: The Applying Cosmetics Daily Challenge

So far so good.

I’ve done it every day. Sometimes, much to my annoyance on particular days. After the Hypothermic 10 KM Run last Saturday, I applied it even though after a hot shower I still felt frozen and it was challenge to get eyeliner applied in a straight line under my eyelid. Yesterday, even though I was already running late in meeting a friend for coffee, I whipped out my eyeshadow brush and eyeliner and in a maniac manner, got it on with red lipstick to boot.

I do feel now with the blonde hair, the purple eyeshadow, and the green fingernails that I can not escape from seeing as I type this blog post; I am beginning to resemble more and more on a daily basis – Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show.

I’m just saying.

Ok. I guess it seems worse in my head. I am a stunned bunny with a little bit of makeup.


Change #71: Paint The Nails Green for St. Patty’s Day

Most years I can barely manage a green shirt on St.Patrick’s Day. I celebrate the day typically at a pub/bar, with my barely green shirt, while sipping wine with my hubby and friends. (Not even on this day, will I drink beer.)  The point as always in my life is to expend a minimal amount of effort in everything I do.

This year because of this blog, I’ve decided to go green or stay home. That’s right. I’m going to make a serious effort to be a part of the party, and will proudly parade in as much green as I can.

With that playing in the background of my mind, I’ve been gathering green things. I was hoping to purchase something new for the day/evening but after reviewing my clothes I now recall I do own a couple of green shirts.

Green pants are my bigger problem.  I had planned to purchase an inexpensive green dress, purchase green tights, and I would be ready for the party.  (With the dress and tights, no pants required.)

However, I am unable to locate a dress in any of the stores I frequent (they are mostly grocery stores). With St. Patrick’s 6 days away, I still have a small chance of finding enough green to cover me from head to toe. But it dims a little with each passing day.

Nonetheless, while doing some errands today, I diverted course briefly and went hunting for green nail polish. I stumbled across two colours by Revlon: 1) a lighter green called Eclectic and 2) a darker green called Posh.

If you recall, the colours that I owned prior to this blog were clear and a nude/light pink nail polish. With this blog, I added purple and red. However, green for me was a whole different ball game. I don’t do crazy/interesting/unique/different colours.

Don’t change. Don’t do anything too different. You may die of shock from shaking things up too much. After all, everyone knows that change is stressful. 

As I analyzed the nail polish in the store, turning them over and over again, holding them up to the light, I decided I quite liked the lighter nail polish called Eclectic. It was a cool shade of green and as I looked at the holder it came from, other people seemed to agree with me as it was nearly depleted of bottles. The Posh on the other hand, was nearly full.

I decided that everyone who follows my blog would be grateful that I at least bought green. After all, for me to wear the colour even for a day, was definitely going against the person I am.

Then, an Irish Fairy named Aishling came to me as I stood there in the aisle holding the two colours up and asked, “Do you believe that to be true?”

I answered, “YES! NOW GO AWAY!” With this statement, I threw my hands up in the air and began to move them from right to left, then left to right, in an effort to swat my fairy menace.

Annoyingly buzzing around me, Aishling just wouldn’t quit. I decided swatting at her wasn’t working. My next step was to grasp Eclectic tightly, toss Posh aside, and then weaved up and down several aisles in an effort to lose my fairy. When I no longer saw her, I ran to the cash, scanned my items, paid, and ran out the door. I turned back briefly and saw her staring at me through the glass with her wings flapping. She was clearly angry at me for outsmarting her. I grinned at her and said out loud, “Hahaha! I’ve won!”

When I arrived home, I found both bottles of nail polish in my bag. I quickly pulled the receipt out and checked while screaming, “that fairy turned me into a shoplifter!” But after I reviewed it, I saw both bottles appeared on my receipt. Aishling must have scanned it when I wasn’t looking and tossed it in the bag.

For some time,  I was furious.

Then it occurred to me. She was right. The colour I felt most UNCOMFORTABLE with was Posh. Eclectic was safe. To be honest and true in writing this blog, I always must lean towards the side of a colour that feels the most different. It’s about getting out there and living big.

Tonight, in honour of Aishling’s clever manoeuvre, I painted my nails with Posh and plan to leave it on my fingernails for a few days. Mid-week, I hope to use Eclectic. After all, it’s almost St. Patty’s Day. You can never have too much green in your life.

By the way, don’t look too close at my nails. Thanks to a nasty return to winter this weekend, after a brief thaw during the week, we are once again faced with -27 degree Celsius temperatures with the windchill. This has occurred for the last two days. For this reason, my hands have returned to cracked and bleeding.

As well, I don’t paint my fingernails very often. I’m not very good at it.


For St. Patrick’s Day 

Please don’t panic. I didn’t colour my hair green and perm it for Friday.  It’s a wig. I thought I would wear it to the bar/pub when we go out. Also, I might wear it to Starbucks in the morning when I get my tea. 🙂