We’re In The Final Days of This Blog, Let’s Try To Do Something Epic…

  • Hershey’s room is reserved for kenneling.
  • Tickets have been purchased.
  • Hotel room is reserved.
  • Date and time have been selected.
  • Upcoming: This will happen in the next few weeks and definitely, before October 20th, 2017.


(As long as mother nature cooperates, and I don’t get the flu, this should happen. Sometimes you can prepare all you want, but other things get in the way.)

Also, have I mentioned: I AM TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS?

I thought about drawing a picture of me at the CN Tower, and I tried, but it looked terrible. So, I’m not posting it.



Ok, here it is.

This blog is called Pushing Boundaries after all. So, I have no skill at drawing. I guess I’ll never be Van Gogh.



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