Upcoming Challenges To Be (Hopefully) Tackled…

Here’s the list of things I want to do:

  1. Laser Tag (I know, I know. I’ve been talking about this since the start. But hey, paintball happened.)
  2. Make Meringue Cookies
  3. Dine Solo without using my cell phone as a crutch. (Oh boy, I hope I get a window seat.)
  4. Go Bowling again (i.e. give up my Friday routine of breaking open a bottle of wine at 6 pm and do something different)
  5. Play on the Extreme Trampoline (Yup, I’ve been talking about this one since the start of the blog too.)
  6. Possibly Indoor Skydiving Although it would require a second trip to Toronto or Montreal. (It might not happen before the close of the blog on October 20th).
  7. CN Tower Edgewalk (Most likely will happen. We’ve reserved Hershey kennel space and are booking a hotel room, and we know there are tickets available on the date we are considering. Should I tell you what date it will happen? Maybe. But not today. Stay tuned!)
  8. And then whatever else I can think of….


Challenges In Progress….

  1. ***Ahem…The 10 book challenge. Right now it looks like I might not make this one but I am making a valiant effort as I have closed off two books in the last couple of weeks. If you look at my Goodreads book list you’ll see a book called, You might Be From Canada If….  that is made up of a series of sketches that are hilariously funny/with other poignant moments that describe some of our history as Canadians. There are really funny ones (in particular the one about the Canadian Goose…I laughed, and laughed…) mixed in with the occasional heartbreaking piece. (The Terry Fox one.) This is my new favorite coffee-table book.
  2. Attending Beethoven’s 9th on September 21st.

***OK  some may say that my book made up of sketches shouldn’t count. But I’m counting it because I’m also reading another book that I won’t be able to log because there’s a swear word in the title. It’s a very interesting book made up of a series of essays and it’s a self-improvement book. (Well, sort of…)

Anyways, I can’t log it because I’m currently working on a middle grade novel and in case I find a publisher or literary agent, successfully launch it, and a few children buy it, I don’t want one of the books showing up on my list of successfully completed books that has the ultimate swear word in the title.

I know, I know. It’s a long shot that any of that will happen, or that middle grade readers will even look at my account on Goodreads. But hey, just in case, I need to be prepared.


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