Change #96: I’ve Blinked & Summer Is Nearly Gone; But Not Before I Rode My Bike

We had our bikes serviced in the early part of August, and even by then I was starting to wonder if it was already too late for us to try to get a bike ride in this summer. I couldn’t remember the last time I was on my bike but I would wager money against anyone who gambles it’s been more than 3 years. This year, with this blog, I wouldn’t let the season end without at least one ride.

In Ottawa on every Sunday morning during the summer, they close the parkway offering one day a week when cyclists have access to 50 KM of road without the worry of battling with motorists  for a small portion of the lane. My plan was to commit to a Sunday morning and both me and hubby would get our butts on our bikes and enjoy a scenic bike ride along the Ottawa River.

And damn it, we would enjoy it! 

But time is running out. Days are already shorter, (if you wake at 4:30 AM like me, you know we’ve already lost the beautiful pink glow of the sunrise and darkness is our new friend) and I suspect in a few short weeks temperatures will be cooler. I needed a ride to happen. No more excuses.

I informed hubby before I left this morning that I would get on my bike tonight. I didn’t care if there were thunderstorms and pouring rain. I would make it so.

And so, I did.

My attire was running shorts, a sports bra,  my gigantic panda t-shirt that I received from the CN Tower Stair Climb (I don’t know why, I just love that shirt), old pungent running shoes, my bicycle helmet, and a sporty purse. (I had no place to keep my phone!) Was I cool, or what?

I didn’t look cool, or hip, and I didn’t have perfectly coordinated biking clothes. My goal was simple: get on the bike and peddle before it’s too late. If I overthought about why I should or shouldn’t go, I knew it wouldn’t happen. (I had already talked myself out of it several times.)

And so I went.

Random Thoughts, That I Thought, While Biking: 

  1. This feels so great! I’m 5 years old again! Whoo! Look at me go! The wind feels so great.
  2. Why are my legs burning? That stop sign means I’ve only biked 500 meters. Oh god, I’m in terrible shape. (**I know it’s 500 meters because I know the full length of the road is 1 KM. It’s one of my running routes.)
  3. Stop sign. Do I have to stop? Maybe I should stop. Hmmm…do I remember the signal to indicate I am stopping? I googled it before I left. Which one was it?
  4. Never mind. No one’s around.
  5. Whoo!!! I am flying!
  6. Click. Click. Uhm…can’t remember how to change gears. I should wait till I’m on a less busy road. Yeah, I’ll check when I’m on the dedicated biking path.
  7. Got it! That wasn’t so hard. Ta-da! Gear 7.
  8. Oh, gear 7 makes me peddle more. No, back to gear 8. It’s harder to peddle – but I get more distance.
  9. I’m such a geek. I can’t believe I’m going to get off and walk my bike across the intersection.
  10. I should get a picture of me outside on my bike. Well, I can’t ride and take a picture with my phone at the same time. Everyone will just have to believe that I actually went for a bike ride.
  11. FINE. I’M GETTING A PICTURE. But I’m going to stop and take it. They’ll believe me then.
  12. There. No wait, I look like I’m scowling. THERE. No. THERE. No. Oh lord, I look tired. Do I always look like that? That doesn’t make me look like I’m enjoying this at all. Ok. THERE. Good picture.
  13. Ack! Bug in the eye!
  14. It really is safer bicycling on a recumbent bike. I don’t have to worry about getting a bug stuck to my contact lens.
  15. I think I’m starting to itch. Ahhh..ragweed season!
  16. I’m not built for outside.
  17. I don’t know what hubby is talking about. I got great balance on a bicycle!
  18. Oh no,  tree branch. Duck!
  19. I can’t believe I almost rode into a tree branch. How did I miss that?
  20. Oh, what pretty flowers. This is so great. How beautiful. Is that wild parsnip?  You know, poisonous wild parsnip that if it touches your skin it will burn. Not that I know, because it’s never happened to me personally. Uhm, maybe I’ll just go a little bit over.
  21. Those clouds look awfully dark. Is it going to thunderstorm? I’m going to peddle faster.
  22. Home! 20 minute bike ride and I’ve earned a glass of wine. 


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