Change #94: Impending, Paintball Challenge

Date: Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 (That’s Saturday!)

Where: Ottawa, ON

Who: Hubby, 2 friends and me!

Why: Because I’ve never played paintball before!!!

Top 5 Concerns (There’s only 5 because it’s late, and I’m tired):

  1. I should read the instructions/rules/regulations. Our friends already did.
  2. Will I get an eye infection if I get mud in my eye, while playing paintball, and wearing contact lenses?
  3. Am I getting a cold?
  4. Does getting hit by a paintball hurt?
  5. I am very passive. Will I seriously be able to shoot someone with a paintball?

***Bonus Concern – If it rains, do we still go?  (See concern #2 regarding eye infection/ mud/contact lenses)


Book Reading Challenge Update: Does anyone think I have a problem because I have 2 books on the go, and I am contemplating starting a 3rd?


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