Change #93: On A School Night, Go To The Advance Screening of Dunkirk

Over the years, I’ve entered, entered, and entered a contest to win free tickets to an advance screening of some movie. The last time it was Wonder Woman. I believe another time it was Saving Mr. Banks. In all, I had apparently entered 23 times before it finally happened.

I was on my morning break at work, and my email from home downloaded to my phone. Imagine my overwhelming joy when I saw last week, that I had a chance to enter to win tickets to see an advance screening of Dunkirk. I saw the movie trailer some months back and I was hanging on the edge of my seat. I can’t even recall what movie I was watching that time, but all I thought was, MUST SEE THAT MOVIE! As well, a few days prior to receiving the email for the contest, my hubby had announced that people were already saying that the movie would be AMAZING. (It hadn’t even been released yet!)

As my fingers frantically punched into my phone the information that was required in order to enter the contest, Mrs. Negative, reared her ugly head.

My fingers stalled for a few moments as I wondered whether it was worth it. Bad Luck Penny pounced on me at my most vulnerable time and whispered into my ear, you? Do you really think you will win? 

Then, I did what I do when I write. I waved my hands at her in an attempt to shoo her away from me, like the mosquitoes that swarmed around me this morning on my walk with LBM. But Bad Luck Penny wouldn’t leave me alone. So I smacked her away, with a take that! 

And I entered. That day I received an email saying, I had won!

Take that Bad Luck Penny! Hubby and I were going to the advance screening of Dunkirk!

I was excited about it initially. But then as the day was nearly upon me, I wondered whether it was a good idea or not. I would have to get into work early in order to make it to the event on time, and then at the close of the day I would have to crawl through traffic. We had already been informed by the organizers that we needed to be there early.

But then I thought, it’s for Dunkirk! Of course, I’m going!

Yesterday was the day. I went to work early, did my time, and then once in my card I yanked out my GPS to see if she could navigate me through some crazy traffic. GPS decided she would attempt to send me down a road that was closed, but I did not listen to her and made my own turns. GPS and I eventually reconnected, and I was somewhat confident she was sending me in the right direction to the movie theater. In the end, GPS’s route was not much different than mine.

Hubby and I met at the movie theater with time to spare and entered 1 1/2 hours before showtime. We received our tickets, and then were placed in a cue. People all around us chatted and laughed. We were all in good spirits.

But as the lineup grew and grew, I became more uneasy. I’m short. There’s no way to write it differently. For that reason I believe, sometimes when I’m standing in a lineup with lots of people, I get claustrophobic.

I became short (pun!) with my husband. I snapped at him for some irrational reason. I became crusty with the people that were laughing all around me. I wanted to move. I wanted to be outside of everyone.  I wanted to run.

Finally the doors opened and we made our way into the theater. We had a short (ok, that will be the last time I use that word) security check, and then we found seats in the middle of the movie theater. Everyone who attended was much more considerate than usual when we purchase regular movie tickets, and we all made a point of shifting down in order to ensure there were no gaps between seats and that way there would be room for everyone.

The movie was an IMAX version. As the trailers started, the sound thumped off the walls, and made our seats vibrate. When Dunkirk began it was an intense movie with non-stop action from beginning to the end. I found myself covering my eyes, and then peeking between clasped fingers, hoping the men would make it onto the ships to be ferried home. Many times during the film the men who were waiting were killed by enemy gunfire. For those who made it onto the ships, they too were not safe. In the end, it was a roller coaster of a movie.

I know that’s a brief synopsis of the movie, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. This movie is like nothing I have ever seen before. You should see it.

The only downside of attending the advance screening? The lineup, the amount of time we had to commit to lining up in order to attend the early screening, and the sound was cranked up much too loud making it difficult to hear the dialogue.

Would I do this again? I don’t think so. I’m really glad we did it for such a wonderful movie like Dunkirk, but if the movie was meh, I would have been disappointed.



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