Change #92: Oh My, Oh My! Pink Hair!

Ok, not really.

My quest to fulfill this challenge started yesterday when I walked the aisles of my local Shopper’s Drug Mart in an attempt to locate a product that would turn my hair pink for just one day. I turned over multiple products and they said something along the lines of, will rinse out in  4-8 washes. 

That didn’t work for me. I know I’m suppose to be pushing my boundaries here, but I would be uncomfortable with strolling in Monday morning with pink hair at my job. No problem on the weekend when I waltz into my local Starbucks to gather my food items and tea, walk LBM with my close friend Sheila, or hang out with my long-time and another close friend for tea on a warm summer’s day in the late morning.

But work, no. No pink hair for work. 

There were other problems that I had with the will rinse out in 4-8 washes product as well that included:

  1. I believe it used peroxide to clear the colour. (No, not going to happen.)
  2. It required me to purchase gloves. (What does that mean? I’ll burn my hands applying the product?)
  3. If you’re hair has been chemically treated…. (Ahem, everyone remember that I went blonde back in March?)

The other problem that I had was that back in my 20’s I would dye my own hair. I remember the mess it made with brown or red bits that caked my bathtub. Sure, I felt like a natural woman (to borrow a line from a commercial I remember when I was much younger) with my new colour, but then after I looked back in awe of my hair in my bathroom mirror, my eyes would inevitably drift to the bathtub. I would then know that someone had to clean it. And that someone was always me. It was no simple chore requiring at least an hour of roll-up-your-sleeves-and-put-all-your-muscle-into-it marathon cleaning session. Yeah, not fun.

Back to yesterday. I finally found a product that was a one day thing.  (Oh joy!) As well, the only requirements were hairspray and the box containing the pink stuff. I  was so thrilled I felt like throwing my hands up and trying my disco moves like John Travolta  in Saturday Night Fever. 

This morning I washed, blow-dried, and flat-ironed my hair. (Apparently, hairspray is flammable. I didn’t know. I haven’t used hairspray at home, well, ever.) Then I applied the hairspray as instructed and waited for it to dry. Then, I took out the compact that contained the pink “splat” and began applying it. Nothing, nothing, nothing happened.

I put more on. As I did this, I dribbled crumbly pink bits along the edge of my bathroom counter, and gobs of it fell into the sink. I applied and applied. Still nothing.

What I did manage to do was get a pink “splat” on my neck that looked like I had been bite by a vampire. I continued applying the pink crumbly texture and got a chunk on my forehead that was noticeable. I rubbed it out with kleenex and water while thinking, no, it’s not suppose to go on the forehead! 

After 20 minutes I took a step back looking for some indication of pinkness. I moved to other rooms. Turned lights on. My hair, in all kinds of different places, looked the same.

Excellent investment in terms of time and money. But oh well, I tried. And I’m counting this one for that reason. Also, I applied a heavy dose of hairspray and my hair has an overwhelming scent of flowers attached to it. I believe I will require another shampoo and rinse before I leave the house today.


Yup, no difference.






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