Change #91: Purchase Tickets for Something You’re Not Quite Sure About: Beethoven’s 9th

We all have things that we love to do, and things that we don’t.

People in my neighbourhood love to garden. On numerous Saturday mornings I watch as people that live on my block, sweat buckets on a warm summer’s day as they engage in the tasks of planting flowers, weeding, and mulching their beloved flower beds. Dirt is caked in their work gloves, and when they finish, they stand up and smile proudly at their accomplishments.

I am firmly, 100%, not one of those people. I’m more of a, Whew! That’s finished! Now I can finally move onto something I really want to do!

My reasons for planting flowers, weeding, and mulching are these as per the order of tasks already listed:

  1. I plant flowers so I don’t look bad in my neighbourhood. Ok, I still look bad. But not nearly as bad if I planted nothing.
  2. I weed only when things are getting out of control. (Ahem, it’s getting there, and I keep meaning to do it, did a little bit one morning, and every time I think about weeding, I think of something better to do. Eg. Work on my blog, or go for a run. I hate it. I really do.)
  3. Adding more mulch is a requirement in order to keep the moisture in after it rains so you’re not outside watering your flowers, shrubs, or garden twice a day. Also, it keeps the weeds away. (See point 2. Less time spent weeding. Did I mention I hate to weed my flower bed?)

Now, you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with Beethoven, right?

Here it is. I don’t know if I like Beethoven.

(Shocked gasps are heard from readers around the world!) 

(Ok, I don’t have that many readers. Their mostly in Canada.)

Anyways, I know, I know. Beethoven was a classical musical composer that wrote such and such song, and how could you say such a thing?

Because, I purchased a Beethoven (tape?) when I was in high school and I vaguely remember playing a few songs and was like, Hmmm…I don’t know how I feel about this? The fact that I have no idea whether it was a tape or CD means I didn’t fall in love with it and keep it around.

But the fact that I can’t remember, may also mean I didn’t give Beethoven a fair shot.

So why attend a concert that you’re not certain about, you ask?

Here it is: a couple of years ago my hubby and I went to Vienna and went to a classical musical concert. (Hubby thinks it may have been Beethoven, I think it may have been Mozart.) When we left at the end of the night, I remember feeling excited and full of energy. It’s the same feeling I get when when I find a new band or singer that I never knew existed and I realize I adore their music.  (Many times the band or singer has been around for quite a few years.) My most recent prime examples include: The Script and Ed Sheeran. (Stop laughing, I’m really not kidding. Ed Sheeran. I just started listening to his stuff last year.)

In Ottawa, on September 21st, Beethhoven’s 9th is playing at the National Art’s Centre (NAC) and hubby and I purchased tickets this morning. We’re going.

Because this is called Pushing Boundaries and it’s about not being afraid to try new things. I might not like everything I do, but maybe I’ll find some new experiences where I’ll think, yeah, that was worth it. But if I don’t try, I’ll never know.

On September 22nd, I’ll let you know how I finally feel about Beethoven.

Assuming it isn’t cancelled. Or I don’t get the flu. Otherwise, expect a report the day after.





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