Update On Change #89: The Revisions….

It has been brought to my attention that there was an error in my last post. This is the paragraph:

“It’s about staying below the radar. Now, that I think about it, my mission in life maybe to live in submarine mode. My objective is this: you won’t see me at all, except for the odd time when I will resurface in order to take a quick look around, before diving back under my blue ocean.  (Sure they have ***radars under water, but without it, you won’t see me at all!)”

***(Ahem, I guess it should be sonar. Sonar is used for detecting stuff under water.)

And there is the unmentioned part of Pushing Boundaries, and more generally, in terms of writing. Every time you write something publicly you run the risk that you will make a mistake (see example above) and everyone will notice. I could ignore it, or try to redefine the definition of radar to fit my use of it in terms of a submarines, but why would I do that?

I am ok with making mistakes; I make mistakes on a daily basis. I am the tea-spilling, tripping-and-falling-on-my-face, I’m-sorry-I-did-what? girl. I am the furthest thing from perfect, wobbly tummy and all, and I accept that.

Writing is an exercise in being brave. It’s hard to write stories that people will love, or maybe hate, or maybe be indifferent to. I find that I have to be ready for the feedback that comes from the process of creating a story. More specifically if I want to try to publish something, I need to be ready for the rejections that will most certainly fill my mailbox with returned manuscripts.  And I’ve had lots of rejections.

That’s ok. There are different writers out there, just like there are different types of movies. Not everyone enjoys horror movies. Some of us will stay awake for a week after watching one. (Yes, yes, I am one of those.) Also, movies that are excessively violent and could have happened are also detrimental to my sweet dreams.  Nonetheless, there are a whole group of directors that I cannot watch their movies. And that’s ok. There are different movies that I watch: enter Up, Superman, and Saving Mr. Banks.

With writing, it’s also a constant state of improvement. I’ve learned so much in the last 6 years when I first started writing, in terms of how to communicate information when writing, and how to craft a story. I think and hope, my writing has vastly improved from my earlier work. I’ve had the opportunity to research random facts in history in order to include them (hopefully accurately) in my writing. That’s the fun part of writing. There’s always a chance to improve and that maybe, one day, a large group of people will love something that you created.

It’s an exercise. And like all exercising, it never ends.


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