Change #89: A Week of Rain: Hello, Sunflowers and Butterflies…

You know me. You know me well. 

The items I own are meant to avoid attention. My wardrobe, and everything else I own, are made up of the following colours: black, grey, blue or white. On a rare occasion, I may toss in some red or green to spice things up.

But that’s as spicy as my life gets. One solid colour, with absolutely no patterns.

Exhibit A: Boring….

It’s about staying below the radar. Now, that I think about it, my mission in life maybe to live in submarine mode. My objective is this: you won’t see me at all, except for the odd time when I will resurface in order to take a quick look around, before diving back under my blue ocean.  (Sure they have radars under water, but without it, you won’t see me at all!)

Then one day on my drive to work, I saw interesting canopies that protected their holders. Canopies that were brightly lit in purple or yellow; and on occasion critters were printed on them. Sure, my black canopy protected me on my walk in to work in the morning, and sheltered me from the pelting rain that would swiftly undo all the hard work I did to straighten my hair.

But I was envious. I wanted a fun canopy to protect me too! Who says, you can’t have it all? 

What I really wanted was my canopy to be clear, and be adorned with yellow baby ducks on it. What I ended up getting was a black canopy with sunflowers and butterflies.

Hello, Fun!

Alas, there were no ducks tonight. So it will be sunflowers and butterflies that will cover me from all the rain that is forecast for the next 5 days:

July Weather
Well, thanks to Environment Canada and my new snazzy umbrella, I’m all ready.  (Hmmm, wonder if I should have purchased a rain poncho too?) 

And just to make sure that I don’t chicken out, I’m tossing it in my knapsack so that way it’s my only choice to shelter me from the impending rain. It will be a situation of: use the sunflowers and butterflies to protect yourself, or – GET WET!


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