About That Paintball Thing

I have a long list of things that are sitting around that I have purchased for this blog.

My kite that sits collecting dust as I wait for a day where 1) I have enough wind that it won’t be a struggle to keep my kite up 2) that we’re not having thunderstorms and I’ll be like Benjamin Franklin out there flapping my kite around in a dangerous situation 3) where I have enough time to do it and 4) where there aren’t kids in the park on the  soccer field where I’ll be dodging children and balls while trying to keep my kite up in the air.

There’s my basketball.

There’s my plan to eat solo one evening. (Most of the time I’m too full after work. And then there’s the constant pull of chores that beckon to me to race home and try to get just ONE of them done.)

Then there’s laser tag, and the Extreme Trampoline that I keep blogging about.

But paintball. This was the thing that was causing me sleepless nights. Random anxiety attacks. I wanted this to happen. And I wanted it to happen yesterday.

Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad. Here in Ottawa, we needed to wait for the weather to warm up. Then we needed it to stop raining. (Oh yeah, all that water meant flooding!) After that, I needed my schedule to clear so that I could find a weekend to make it happen. Finally, I got strep throat. Five days with a fever, and seven days on antibiotics and I couldn’t even fathom when I would feel well enough to chase people with my paintball gun while splashing through muck wearing my armour.

We’ve managed to convince two of our friends to come along with us. You’ve heard their names before in this blog. And we now have a date.

July 22nd, 2017 is Paintball Day. 


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