Update on Change #86: That Message From The Badass Dash Event Organizers

Event: Badass Dash Event

Where: Ottawa

Date: August 26th, 2017. 


I received an email a few days ago stating the Badass Dash event is cancelled here in Ottawa. But just to be sure, I used the contact information on their website and sent off an email to double check. I received a response yesterday.

It is true. The event has been cancelled.

I really feel like I shouldn’t lose a change because of this. It’s not like I signed up for the event, and then decided, nope, I don’t want to do it. I would prefer to drink strawberry daiquiris on my back deck on that day. 

Or, that I never started training for the event.

Ok. Maybe I hadn’t started training.


I am down 1 change. And so far I’ve only completed 87 changes.

Well, sort of.

I’ve officially done 86 changes because I still need to read 10 books by the close of this blog in October.

How many books have I completed?

Well, one.

No pressure.


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