The Disappearing/Reappearing Blogger of Pushing Boundaries

Well, it’s been some time.

Did you miss me?

I thought not.

Well, too bad. I’m back.

Sort of.

Ok, so as everyone may recall (Ahem, or maybe not. It’s been some time.) I made a decision to scale back the blogging because I found completing 4 challenges/week too much. Some challenges were simple such as eating and drinking something new. Others were more onerous such as walking past the mirror every morning with a startled expression of, “Who is that person in my house?”

Then, I stupidly realized I had dyed my hair blonde for 30 days and was like, Oh yeah! That’s me. 

I’m kidding. 


But, now as I review my entries for May I realize I’ve only really done three things. And to me, that’s abysmal. (Where the heck am I getting these words from? Onerous and abysmal and I haven’t even got to the point yet? I’ve been in a comatose state for most of the last 6 days and couldn’t recall the word headache for the life of me. My better language tonight must be because I am now on drugs. More on that soon.)

Anyhoo. So, before the last week happened, I thought seriously about bumping my blog entries back up to 2 challenges/week. And now as I sit here slightly medicated, still in a bit of stupor, I think maybe I should stick to 1-2/week. So, I’m still calculating. But I’m leaning towards at least 1. I’ve got less than 5 months left of this blog. I really have so many other ideas I want to do.

But – without killing myself.

What happened in the last week? You ask.

Oh, I got a fever. A fever that started on Tuesday night, would come down a little bit with advil, and once the advil began to leave my system, would fire right back up again!

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be staring down a digital oral thermometer watching your temperature rise and be like, Come on? Your kidding me, right?  (Because you know, it’s only been 3 days of brutal glassy-eyed, zombie me, moving from my couch to my bed waiting for my internal temperature to go back to a normal level where I may be able to think.)

All that to say, my Saturday ride-in-the-car-to-the-clinic was a big adventure for me yesterday! Also was delighted when the doctor I saw handed me a prescription for antibiotics. I’m normally resistant to taking medication, but after sweating it out for 4 days, (literally) I can tell you I joyously snatched the paper from her hand and bounced out the door.

OK. Maybe not quite bounced. More like staggered. (Also, I had to google that word. I had no idea how to spell it. So, I don’t quite have my brain back yet.)

All that to say, I attempted to read as I remembered change #85 where I stated I would read 10 books by October 20th. I failed at reading several times in the last few days, (unable to think) but today I made some strides, and given that I was close to the the end of My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella I finished it!

Yup! You read that right! This girl has completed 1 book of her 10 book challenge due by October 20th! 

How did I feel about the book? It’s 438 pages long and I fell in love with the title of the book. We all know why. I need not explain it. 😉

But, at the very beginning of the book I had a tough time. I love Sophie Kinsella’s books as they are witty and a joyous ride of clever heroines that will get themselves into the most insane trouble only to find a way out.  They are a great light read.

My problem at the beginning was the same problem I had with The Beautiful and Damned. They had several characters that came from wealthy families (most prominently Demeter) where they focused on clothes that she wore, trips that she took, and her house. But when they had the potential “love interest” be even more wealthier, falling for the poor girl, I nearly dropped the book and never looked back.

But I paused for awhile. And then I picked it back up again, read it, read on, and on, and realized it really is a great book.

How much do I share with you?

Well, I don’t want to share too much.

But maybe there’s another way for me to share with you what this book meant to me in another way. I live in a neighbourhood where people put great pride into their gardening. My neighbours spend a great deal of time planting shrubs, tending to lawns, re-mulching their flower beds, and weeding. They love it. And to them I give them a high-five and cheer them on saying, Go Girls! (And Men! Because on my block, some of the men do it too.)

I don’t like gardening. Never have. Never will. But I do what needs to be done. I also have a bare minimum that I must do every year. This year I have been terribly delinquent due to two weekends in a row away from home, wanting to relax the first weekend I was home, only to then find myself sick this past weekend.

Nonetheless, this is the view of my walkway.

Don’t get too excited. The big plant comes back every year.  But there should be flowers in that barren strip. And possibly, no weeds. Or grass. Oops. My bad.

You’re not getting pictures of the WILD shrubs in my backyard. I’m waiting for by-law to come and ticket me due to my neighbours complaining about the overwhelming, red-green explosions that are popping over the fences obstructing their view.

Now, my neighbours know I’m lazy. I’m pretty honest about it. But I try not to do more than I can handle if my world crumbles around me as it has before in other years.  Still, this year, things really do not look great for the first weekend in June.

I haven’t spoken to my neighbours. They don’t know how busy the last month has been. As I haven’t really left the house, none of my neighbours know that I have been sick.

And I wonder. I wonder what they think?

Do they think, she’s reached a whole new level of laziness? Or do they wonder, is there something big happening in her life?

After all, this is…..


(Ok. Nobody panic. Nothing really big has happened. Really, I was away 2 weekends in a row, and 1 weekend of I-just-don’t-care, I got an infection that means I haven’t done anything for 6 days and I’m not doing much for another 7 days till my antibiotics are done. Thanks. Gardening can wait. Health is #1.)


Ok, this card I found in the book I just finished. I don’t have children, but my husband always creates a card with my dog on the front for Mother’s Day. This is the one he did for this year.

I had to share. If this don’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.




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