Change #86: Register for the Badass Dash Event

After the CN Tower Climb I felt invincible as if underneath my  insulation that I worked on during the winter, I was secretly Supergirl. I had spent the last year rotating between sitting at my keyboard during the day, on weekends, and evenings only to mix it up with sitting on my couch and binge-watching various TV shows. (I see you Prison Break and Downtown Abbey.)

For these reasons, I was genuinely terrified of the CN Tower Climb very much expecting that after the 5th flight of stairs I would collapse on one of the landings, wave my hand to Hubby and say, no you go on! leave me!, and wait for the paramedic to arrive to carry me down to the bottom.

Hubby attempted to reassure me that I would be ok. I had good cardio from all the running I did. (Past tense.) I would not believe him. I felt as if he was just trying to reassure me so that I didn’t quit before I even started.

Then on the day of the climb something incredible happened. It turned out that I really was OK. It was still challenging; I was not one of the elite climbers that completed all 1776 steps in 9 minutes.   But I did make it to the top, with some energy to spare.

Last weekend there was a nearby community in need, and I wanted to go out and help. The community needed people to do some heavy lifting. I was certain I was their girl.  When I told Hubby about my plans, he warned that it would be hard work, it would be lots of heaving lifting, and exhausting.

Not to be deterred, I went anyways certain that he got this wrong. After all, I was the girl who did the CN Tower Climb and didn’t die. I was convinced with the help of fairies I had managed to maintain some level of fitness in the last year regardless of my eating/TV watching/sitting at my computer marathon sessions.

I don’t know why I don’t listen to him. He knows be better than I know myself.  I lifted one or two items and realized instantly I had 0 upper body strength.  Ask me to lift a 5 lb bag of potatoes, no problem. Ask me to lift 8 lbs, and I have a problem. 

Nonetheless, I only volunteered for perhaps a total of 1 hour. My arms felt like rubber, and the next morning in the shower, I could barely lift them to put the shampoo and conditioner in my hair. One hour of heaving lifting, and I was in pain, moody, and exhausted for 3 days.

That was my wake-up call. I still NEED to write, and to relax. (Hello, TV!) But I also need to hit the gym so that when the occasion arises when family, friends or the larger community that I live in need help, I can contribute more than 1 hour on a Saturday.

I began browsing for Mud Run Events. I know a couple of people that have done them. Then, I stumbled across a few running/obstacle courses that included mud. Last night I found the Badass Dash Event, and I thought – Ha! Perfect, to get my butt in shape!  

And I registered for it. 

The idea behind this event is that it’s a 7 KM run with obstacles, and after the Polar Plunge in Kingston, and the CN Tower Climb in, well, Toronto – I wanted something local. This one happens right in Ottawa. (Beautiful.) More importantly they have different levels of difficulty and one of them was a Recreational Event. (That’s me!) And, if you can’t do a particular challenge (oh boy, please no gigantic walls to climb over) they will make you do something else such as push-ups. 🙂

I have no idea how to train for this. I suspect, running (yes) and biking will help get my cardio up. Lifting weights will hopefully help my upper body.  Otherwise, I think I just hope for the best. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to it.

Below is the link, just in case someone else wants to do it. They also have other events in other cities.

Participant: Penelope Hawtrey
Date: 26 August, 2017
Location: 411 Corkstown Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 0J5
Registration category
and price type:
Badass Dash Ottawa – Recreational Division – Individual Registration

If there are no tips, you will find me on my floor, working on my push-ups.


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