Let’s Celebrate The End of the Streaking Life!

Everyone raise your hands, if you thought I would never make it 21 days of running 2 KM each day?

There’s at least one hand up. It’s mine. Because, I was sure I would flop this challenge. 

Below are the distance, and times for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday:

I think now is a good time to evaluate what I’ve learned from running 2 KM/day for the last 21 days. And the best way to do that: a Top 10 List.

The Top 10 Things I Learned:  

10. Stretching is important. (Wish I would have done it. )

9. Run in the morning, that way no matter what happens during the day, you’ve got your run in. (I did that most days. With the exception of a few days. Today, being one of them.)

8. Running a little bit each day, really, is not that hard.

7. Working out a little bit each day improves my mood. (Normally.)

6. Running in rain is not a big deal. Or snow for that matter. Even if it’s May.

5. I can run without music.

4. I can run without running pants. (Sweat pants, from Walmart, work too! No logo branded gear such as Nike, or Adidas are required.)

3. I can run without a running shirt. (Yup! Freebie cotton shirts from various other running/fundraising events means I am good to go!)

2. I can run WITH glasses

1.  I really do love to run.

I have gone 21 days of streaking and the question I needed to ask myself is: would I do it again?

My answer: I don’t know.

It’s a lot of pressure to commit to running every day. While for the most part running made me calmer, and I  found myself reaching a little less for sweets, and I’ve just given you 10 positives related to this experience; a small part of me did wonder when I became increasingly snappy towards hubby and puppy over the last 5 days, if it was related to never giving myself a break from running. There were some days when I was exhausted and I really needed to/wanted to do other things. On those days, I leaned quite heavily towards skipping the run.

But I didn’t. 

While exercise is good for me in high or low doses, when I am faced with never giving myself a chance to stop, reflect, breathe and relax the early signs of burnout begin to manifest themselves in my cantankerous behaviour.

Exercise is much needed by me, and my body.

But, both body and mind also require time off. Some people may sum this up to laziness.

Sure. But for me, it’s about moderation. I can do the: sweat-loaded-feel-my-calves-burning-ouch!-I-have-a-stitch-in-my-side-for-the-last-100-meters 10 KM run. Shortly after though, I appreciate if it is followed with an evening in a candle lit Italian bistro with me eating buttered bread, sipping a spicy aromatic glass of pinot noir, while waiting for my cheese filled canneloni to arrive.

Moderation works best for me.

Now to celebrate the successful completion of this challenge, I am off to Dairy Queen!

I do believe I’ve earned it.


By accident, I ran 21 days of 2 KM (and then a little more on some days) and that equals more than 42 KM.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from Wikipedia:

“The marathon is a long-distance running race with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 miles, or 26 miles 385 yards).”

Huh? I’ve run a marathon in a month. That’s the most exercise I think I’ve done in a year. That seems like a pretty good baseline to begin a regular exercise routine. What do you think?


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