Running The Last 400 Meters of the Race

How did I compute 400 meters? I still have runs to do on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. For me, 4 days is equivalent to 400 meters even if it is just 2 KM every day for the last 21 days.

It’s been hard to be committed every night. But after awhile, you get quite use to getting wet every day thanks to all the rain we’ve had. Yes, I probably should have done this challenge in the summer. It would have been easier to streak in sunshine. But hey, it’s called Pushing Boundaries for a reason.

Oh, and killer allergies? I don’t care! You are not taking me down! 

Even though I have come home soaked and chilled to the bone many times, it’s also been a wonderful experience, exhilarating and refreshing. It’s nice be outside and to make time for myself. This run takes me less than 20 minutes to complete, (others can do it much faster, I know) but it helps me cope with the rest of my day and anything that life may throw at me.

I have completed my runs from May 2nd – 5th.

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