When It Looks Bad To Begin With

Fickle fingers yank and pull at the zipper at the crack of dawn this morning in a pathetic attempt to try to zip the winter parka up. I never did. I buttoned it up instead.

No, we were not under a -45 degree Celsius warning where Environment Canada shrieks, unexposed fingers will fall off in a matter of seconds! Damn it, where 14 pairs of mitts, if you must go outside!  

I’m kidding. You only need 13 pairs of mitts in order to protect your fingers from those temperatures.

What I did need the parka for this morning – was to protect me from our very own monsoon season. A torrential downpour greeted me and pup on our morning AM walk  (ok, pup is 9 years old, but he’s still my baby)  and neither of us were impressed.  LBM spent a great deal of time wiping his face on my pants in pure disgust about how much water was on his coat.

I decided this morning I would not rush on our walk. Since my streaking days began I’ve been dragging LBM around the block in a hurry saying, “Come on! I have to get my run in!” I decided this rainy Monday cold morning, on garbage day, neither of us needed that.

So we strolled and meandered around, played ball, got soaked several times by various intensity of showers, and then made it back home. As I looked at the clock I thought, Hmmm…I had time? Maybe I should go. After all, I was already wet. As well, I seriously questioned whether I would have the stamina by the end of a full work day, to go splashing out in the cold deluge for an evening run.

It seemed most unlikely. 

So I went. I went without proper running attire (i.e I had clothes on – enter sweat pants and cotton shirt! But not the latest, trendiest sports pants and shirt.) with only my running shoes, running socks, and running watch. These were the only items that I could complete on  a checklist for running gear.

I went without The Script, Adele, Ed, or One Republic singing sweet lullabies in my ear. I went without a hat and gloves, because I was already wet, and didn’t care.

Because some days when you already know it’s going to be bad, you say, I’m going to go anyways, so there!