Running, Running, Running…Just Keep on Running…

Ok, technically it should be “swimming, swimming, swimming…” and yeah, that’s from the movie, Finding Nemo. 

But hey, I think running, running, running, works too.

Times from April 27th & 28th:

And here are the times from April 29th & 30th:


As previously mentioned in an earlier post, a few years ago I attempted to go 30 days streaking, and made it all of 11 days.

Today, April 30th – marks 12 days of streaking! Only 9 days left of this challenge. Hang on blog followers, I might actually reach this goal!

If I successfully reach this goal, I will have weathered rain, unseasonably warm temperatures, to running this morning with my hat and gloves on because it’s cold. Again.

Not to mention, best of all, my seasonal allergies kicked in on a brutal scale last week. This means that I sometimes run now while congested, sneezing, or in a blur because of the goo in my eyes. Oh, and sometimes it’s really difficult not to trip over my own feet because I’m that tired from pollen.

Run, run, run!


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