Change #84: Another Challenge Bites The Dust

Has everyone heard that song from the 80’s by Queen?

It seemed appropriate. I fail, fail, and fail challenges. It’s my thing to do.

Wait a sec. What’s that below?

Ha! I got ya!

Below is my time from my morning AM run on Monday, April 24th. Ok, don’t look at the bottom number. Otherwise, all you’ll think is: she must have walked the whole way. 

When I returned from my run that morning, I inadvertently left the watch sitting on the dining room table and forgot to hit the stop button on the timer. Nonetheless, it skewed the bottom number that shows how fast I ran.

My bad.

Besides, it doesn’t matter, I’m getting out there and making an effort. More of an effort than I’ve made in quite some time.

April 24th Run

And below are my 8:30 PM results of my run after a BIG salad and an itsy, bitsy glass of wine, in the twilight hours of the day with rain soaked sidewalks that meant I nearly fell on my face.

Again. (If you’re confused by the statement of “falling on my face”, check out the blog post called Gravity Sucks.)

Apparently, I might make salad and wine my new fuel food for all runs in the future. Weather being wet and miserable, I had a good run. But then again, I always love running at night. I’m normally pretty tired, but there’s something that feels like you’re in another world when you run in the dark. I know it’s weird. I’ve always loved it.

April 25th Run

Finally, this morning’s run. What day are we on?

April 26th, I think?

April 26th  – this morning….

How am I feeling about streaking? Pretty good actually. While I haven’t lost a pound, I feel like I’m stronger. My body (in particular my mid-section) seems a little smaller. Emotionally, I still have my good and bad days, but I’m keeping more perspective and even if things aren’t going quite perfectly (does that ever happen, for anyone? I think not) I’m remaining positive regardless of the challenges I am facing.

One thing though. I MUST STRETCH MORE. My butt is getting tighter. Not in a good way. 

I believe I’ve conquered 7 days of streaking. I’m 1/3 of the way there.


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