Hello, Do You Remember Me?

Dear Readers,

Thank you for participating in my experiment of Pushing Boundaries. Thus far, it’s been a wild ride of me drinking MANY types of beverages that are coffee-like, eating weird food (that’s you, seaweed salad! Bleah!), wearing leather pants, going blonde for a month, applying makeup diligently every morning for 30 days, doing the Polar Plunge, and climbing the steps of the CN Tower. (That’s all 1,776 of them. YES. I really did feel like I needed to mention it again).

Yes, we’ve done a lot together.

But now, I think it’s time to say ADIEU.

Adieu to the mania of trying to cover 4 changes in 1 week! That’s just madness!

It’s an obscene number of changes to complete, and then spend 2+ hours drafting it and posting it for this blog. There is the mind boggling shimmying with trying to ACTUALLY load the  photos, and then trying to decide, hmm…photos organized in circles? slide show? square boxes? Oh, decisions, decisions!

From there, I will TRY to write some funny caption underneath the photo. (Ok, it doesn’t always happen.) After that, I need to edit my posts and ensure that I correctly spelled  th the right. (You laugh. You have no idea what words I’ve incorrectly almost posted that were misspelled. I know, I’m sure there’s still a few errors. But hey, you should see the early drafts.)

While trying different foods and restaurants has been fun, and my very round tummy has thoroughly enjoyed it (and let’s be honest, me too!) there are other things I want to do for this blog. Some of those things, MAY NOT require eating.

For example, here are some of my other ideas:

  1. Learn to Tap (That’s the dance that a 5 year old kid knows how to do, but I don’t.) Or Waltz. Or learn how to do Swing Dance. Seriously, I would like to find my groove. 
  2.  And on that note…Blow the dust off my guitar and learn how to play the darn thing. I’ve had it for 10 years, it seems like it’s time.
  3. Kayak (Hubby says I may need lessons so I don’t drown. We shall see.)
  4. Fly a kite (Ok. That is only a one day commitment.)
  5. Go for a 50 KM Bike Ride (Or maybe 30. Or maybe just get my bike serviced this year so I can bike at least once on a beautiful summer’s day.)
  6. Ack! PAINTBALL! 
  7. Laser Tag!!!
  8. Extreme Trampoline! (It’s so close, yet so far!)
  9. Go Streaking
  10. Indoor Skydiving

That’s just a few of my ideas. I’m not saying they will all happen, but I want some of them to happen. Life’s short. I want to make the most of it. 

The problem that I  found with this blog, is that I misjudged how long it takes to complete a change. Sure, eating something new is only a five minute endeavour (or 2 seconds, depending on how yummy it is! Or terrible for that matter.) but the Polar Plunge was a two day commitment. Same with the CN Tower Stair Climb. And don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of those. I simply want to do more of those types of changes.

Now to be honest with you readers, I’ve noticed for some time the number of changes I put in at the beginning of this blog was too many. But I refused to change it.

Isn’t that ironic? 

My blog, called Pushing Boundaries, that is meant to fire up my life, and get me living every day, actually worked in opposition to the purpose of the blog. It forced me into patterns and routines. 

At various points, I dug my heels into the ground and said, “No! I will not remove the number! IT IS ACHIEVABLE!”

Sure it is. I can try ever doughnut there is on the planet: but I will never take a hot yoga class,  or spin class. (I’ve never done either in my life.)

Why you ask? 

Because it would mean I would have to go to a workout class a couple of times a week. And I simply CAN’T make the time. I don’t have anymore minutes left. If I’m spending 8 hours writing blog posts/week, I work full time, I commute to work, I have household chores to do, Hershey needs to walk, I REALLY need to get back to running, oh! And somewhere in there, I still need to do 4 changes in one week on top of the spin class! (Because Spin Class counts as one, I post it, and then I never do it again? Maybe. If I hate it. But if I love it, I can’t do it because I won’t have the time. That’s just silly.)

I’m not making excuses. But it’s a reality check. And at the end of this blog, I want to complete some of those bigger objectives.

So, let’s scratch 186 changes. 

I’ll happily say I failed the challenge of meeting 186 changes. Instead, I’m pushing a new boundary by revising my number to: WHATEVER. The end date will remain as October 20th, 2017.

Let’s see what we can get done with the time left, shall we?

And let’s have a blast! 

Quality over quantity. It’s the best way to go.

A new post will be published somewhere around teh   (Do you see what almost happened?) the week of April 17th.  I have an idea! 

On that note, all the best for a wonderful long weekend!  (If you have it off. If you don’t, sorry to rub salt in the wound. On the upside, there’s lots of chocolate to be had, on top of all the other regular chocolate that you can have every other day of the year. Maybe, that’s not really an upside. Just forgot that whole chocolate fiasco.)

On that awkward note…

Goodbye for now!