Change #82: He Said, “You Should Try An Espresso.”

And so I did.

But first, let’s recap shall we?

I have tried regular coffee, café au lait, (I now know, this is just coffee with warm milk), a Chili Mocha…

Now that I think about it, let’s not recap. I’ve had many coffee drinks for this blog. I would need to go through each post, write them down, and then type them up. I’m not doing it tonight. Maybe, I’ll make it one of my closing posts when Pushing Boundaries is near its end.

We will see. 

Suffice it to say, I’ve tried lots of variations of coffee drinks in almost 6 months, and the only one I really loved, was the Chili Mocha.  That being said, this next part may seem odd because while I don’t like the taste of coffee: I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT!

This was played out subtly for me today. I had one of those challenging-for-no-good-reason days and found myself in a grumpy, tired state before making my espresso purchase. As soon as I found a table and placed my beverage down on it, I felt the warmth of my beverage in combination with the spicy smell of coffee beans caused my lips to automatically curl up to form a smile.

I just love that smell. It reminds me of the warmth of my parents home when my father, mother, brother and me would spend hours sitting around the dining room table chatting and joking. In the background, I could hear a coffee pot sputtering and the wafting smell of coffee beans hung in the air.  Life was grand back then. I just didn’t know it at the time. 

But, my happiness for coffee stops – at the olfactory senses.

Today, as I grabbed my wee little cup that was only half full of espresso, and pushed it back into my tummy, it was no different.  The barista told me that I could have turned it into, a long. (Apparently, this means that they just add water to an espresso.) I somehow felt like I would be wimping out, so I staunchly refused.

I said, “No! I drink my vodka without any water! I certainly can do the same for coffee!”

Ok, I didn’t really say that.

But my point is that I wasn’t about to water down coffee when I don’t do it for vodka. (I’m not kidding, I really don’t.)

The espresso was bitter, and slightly tar-tasting. As well, it seemed to get cold in less than 1 minute. After my beverage was cool, I heaved the rest of the brown sludge back and I was instantly taken back to when I was 13 years old; that night when I drank the bottom of the pot in an effort to stay awake to complete an assignment. The coffee had sat out all day, and had enough time to glue itself to the bottom of the pot. Not to be deterred, I still drank it.

And after that night – NEVER AGAIN. (Well, except for this blog.)

The cold tasting espresso caused the flashback. In response to this memory, the hair on the ends of my arms stood up and I got shivers down my back as I heaved the last bit down, cursed, scowled at the bottom of the cup and declared: I DO NOT LIKE ESPRESSO.

This is not my cup of tea. 

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