Change #82: In Less Than One Day, Failing The Thou Shall Not Eat Past 7 PM Rule

It was less than 24 hours. I had a difficult day. What can I say? When it comes to food, I am weak.  

I planned to meet this challenge. I thought it would be easiest of all the challenges. And yet, I failed it when faced with a difficult day. It was Monday, garbage day, it was scheduled to rain today, and I have the CN Tower Stair Climb that I have not prepared adequately for (again).

(Thank you Shania Twain. She clearly agrees with me about Mondays when she sings in the song, C’est La Vie: “It must be Monday! What a dumb day! Can’t drag my butt outta bed..)

There you have it. When faced with tough times, what do I do? I eat an oat fudge bar, cheese and pie.

Ok, I’m apparently a stress-eater.  

On the upside, I did not have a glass of wine. Oh, and I sort of ran 3 KM along the canal. (It started off as a run, and turned into more of a walk.)

My next entry, whenever that may be, will be another post titled, Change #82.