31 Days Of The Makeup Challenge

This challenge is complete.

Thank goodness, after today, it’s all over. I know some women that don’t mind it, and others love the process of applying cosmetics daily. Women that love makeup, will never be seen without it, and are overwhelming beautiful all the time; they will even make the extra effort to apply the stuff several times a day.

To them I raise my hand in a cyber-high-five and scream, GO GIRL! We are all different, come in many shapes and forms, have things that we love in terms of clothing or colours, and have different passions that some people just don’t understand. There is room for all of us in this world – and that’s what makes each person special.  

Yet for me, I have determined after more than 31 days of this challenge, I just can’t do it. Blonde hair or not, I am just too lazy.

So long, farewell, daily makeup application! You – I will not miss!



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