Happy 100th Blog Post Followers!

Just when you’re feeling defeated, something very small happens, that reminds you that you hit a milestone.

I was completely unaware this was even happening, just trying to meet my changes/challenges. I know I’m running behind in my total changes; but it’s pretty amazing when you get a little red notification that says:

100 Blog Posts


Sure, let’s call it that.

Thank you to my dedicated followers for coming along. I know it’s not always nice being inside my head; but without the ongoing support I probably would have quit this blog sometime ago.

But I didn’t. I joked sometime ago, I should have just called this Changes. That way when I changed my mind and quit, the title would still work. With the title Pushing Boundaries – there is no option to surrender.


Ok, 3 blog posts in one day. No more today. I have other writing to do. And groceries to get. And gas and a car wash….laundry…you know.


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