Change #77: Go Alcohol-Free For The Next 13 Days

I know the health benefits of having a glass of wine. A quick Google search says that drinking alcohol in moderation reduces your risk of dying from heart disease, reduces your risk of some strokes, and may show a reduced risk of diabetes.

Sure, there are some health benefits.

Last night, I had one too many glasses of wine. Not a lot. Not a falling-down-I-can’t-remember-what-I-said kind of night. But, I had two or three glasses and as I’m short (I’m 5 foot, 2 inches and I’m rounding up) that’s enough for someone like me.

I don’t normally drink that much. I have one 3 ounce glass of red wine most evenings and that’s enough for me. What I’ve found  recently is this: I feel terrible the next day. Not always. But it’s definitely becoming more times than I can count.

This morning I felt tired and lethargic in spite of going to bed at 9 PM (yes, I know, I’m old) and sleeping until 6 am. I took Hershey for a big walk when it was still sunny out (Welcome to Ottawa. We are under a freezing rain warning. AGAIN.) and we even made our way to the woods for a short loop. I do find nature refreshing and relaxing as Hershey and I weaved our way along rocky, ice-covered, snowy trails. It was a short jaunt – but it was nice just the same. But I didn’t feel as great as I normally do when we emerged from the woods.

After my walk with Hershey, I went for a short run hoping it would help to reboot my system. It seems it did not work. Instead, only 2 Km into the run,  I nearly cried as I thought about what a failure I am.  (I tried to argue with myself: I have a degree, I write, and I’ve finished 3 marathons. But the common-sense girl had disappeared. What was left was a shell of woman, who believed herself to be an underachiever.)

Alcohol is a depressant. It helps you to relax but I’ve noticed for some time, that if I’m a little bit down, it will take me down a little further. (**Just a small note here. March is a tough month for me. March 20th my father would have been 72 years old.)

As well, I’ve noticed an alarming trend of creating excuses for consuming a drink. Some of my reasons include: I’m celebrating, I need to relax, I’m with friends, it’s a social occasion, and the best of all – I’ve had a bad day.

I know people that do not drink. It’s not a requirement, and it should not be.  I also find that when I drink I lose control of my eating. Add to this that when I wake the next day, if I planned to workout and actually make it out the door, it’s impossibly difficult. (That’s exactly what happened on my run this morning.)

Here’s my commitment: for the next 13 days, I’m going alcohol-free. It’s an attempt to reboot my system and find better ways to cope with bad days.  I already have a few ideas: go to a movie, take a bath, go for a run, go to the gym, go for a swim, read a book – just pick something different.

And now you might ask, why for 13 days? Because, the CN Tower Stair Climb is on April 8th. After this achievement, I would like to have a drink to celebrate with my hubby. As well, after 13 days without alcohol, I will know again, that I can have a social drink (just one) and it’s alright.


Yes, we are still on change #77. I lost one blog post because of the: 5 days of 30 minutes of exercise debacle.

To all my blog followers: thank you for kindly not questioning whether I wore makeup on Friday when I woke with nausea at 3 AM and a crushing headache that developed at 8 AM. To this I have to say: I did it. I wore makeup even though I felt terrible. It was the one thing I did not forget to do. Only 5 days to go for that challenge. Thank goodness.

P.S. Another blog post to follow. Change #78….


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