Change #76 & #77: The Workout & My Night of, Thou Shall Not Touch Facebook…

Change #76: I had an appointment tonight in the downtown core in order to get a massage, to combat my nasty little headaches that have plagued me for the last two weeks.

Yeah, joke’s over.  

Parked my car at the corner of Cooper St. and Metcalfe and weaved my way down Metcalfe (towards the Parliament buildings, I think that’s north?), zigged over to Elgin St, crossed the Mackenzie Bridge, cut through Rideau Center, and snaked my way down to Rideau Street for my massage appointment.

The total time one way was more than 15 minutes. I checked my phone when I left my car and it was 5:45 PM and it was well past 6:05 PM when I stopped to check the time again at Rideau Center. I arrived at my appointment at around 6:15 PM.

I got to do the same walk back to my car. (No, I did not take a taxi, nor did I Uber it back to my vehicle). Although, there was a small detour at Starbucks after my massage to gobble up a sandwich (Ahem, and tea. It’s never too late for tea.) before continuing on with my walk.

Brilliantly lovely, spring walk where it was slightly cool, but still warm enough that I could go sans chapeau since – good god, I can’t remember!

Now, I did stop a few times to take photos. But hey, you need to enjoy your surroundings too while fulfilling your 30 minute requirement of exercise with a lovely walk outside.

Enjoy the photos!


Also, accidentally clicked on a button on my phone while taking some photos at night that offered various options such as vintage, sepia, grey-scale….I had absolutely no idea my camera could do these things!

I love black and white photos. (Ok, I know, it’s nighttime.)


Change # 77: Yeah. For a woman who just joined Facebook in December 2015, I think I may need intervention. Purposely avoided computer entirely last night, unwilling to risk the chance that if I tried to check my bank balance, my fingers would happily dance over and click on Facebook without me knowing it. If that happened, I knew it would be a slippery slope towards checking the Amazon graphs, and  Wordpress Stats, and I would fail this challenge.

The only electronics I used last night was my phone. I used it once to check the weather before Hershey and I headed out for our walk. Later after hubby got home, I used his tablet to ask some other random question that I was curious about that I needed an answer to immediately. All I know for certain tonight, was that the question was not related to Amazon graphs nor Facebook, and therefore I have met the challenge. But I have no idea, what I asked Google that I needed an answer to right away. How to do a puppy hemlich maneuver?   How to make brownies? No, and no. Therefore, I’m certain it was not THAT important.


Also, got to watch a Dr. Who episode with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill on the DVD’s my husband purchased for me last Christmas. Sadly it is March, and last night was the first night I pulled the plastic wrapper off the package.

I love Dr. Who. Last night, I was reminded of all the reasons why.

Sorry, no pictures. You have to trust me on change #77.


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