Change #75:Café Au Lait At Planet Coffee

Today we found ourselves in downtown Ottawa to attend the yearly auto show that arrives this time of year. After the event, we made our way to Planet Coffee that is tucked away in a courtyard and is located at 24 York Street. In the summer, tables are situated in the courtyard where you can soak up some sunshine while sipping coffee or tea, while watching pedestrians scurry  by as they make their way to a number of shops, bakeries, museums, or  the Parliament Buildings that are located within a 20 minute walk of the café.

When I walked into the café, I decided in less than a second that I would try the café  au lait. I knew it was coffee – but I hoped for something special. The name itself implied that it might entail some gourmet blend of coffee, espresso shot, frothy milk, and maybe some whipped cream to top it off!

I’ll be honest and say I expected something similar to that of the Chili Mocha that I tried from Starbucks in the fall of last year. The rich gourmet decadent sweetness of coffee with mocha and topped with chocolate. My hubby ordered straight coffee so there was nothing to see as the barista served up his drink. Then I saw the barista pour half my cup with coffee.

Ok, I thought. It’s half coffee. That’s alright. 

Then I either saw him pour milk directly into the cup, or he had already steamed it and added it to the cup. He passed my cup to me in a matter of seconds.

I turned to hubby and said, “So, café au lait is just coffee with milk? ”

I added a packet of brown sugar to my drink and tried it. It was alright, probably because of the sugar.

Would I try it again?

I don’t think so.

Cafe Au Lait with snack! (Perhaps, I should do more research into what something is before I try it.)





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