Change #73: Tomorrow, Go Gluten-Free

It should be interesting, because I thought briefly while shopping at the grocery store that I should prep for this challenge by buying some gluten-free food. Then I thought, I’m too tired. I can’t possibly do it tomorrow. Maybe next week. 

On another thought tangent after I was home, I realized March 20th is coming quite quickly and I want to be as close to 80 changes as possible. (It seems unlikely that I will hit that number, but I better be at 76 at least.) After I was home, I made the snap decision tomorrow would be gluten-free day.

My cafeteria where I work, has a fairly well stocked gluten-free assortment of food and snacks. (I’ve been thinking about this challenge for a few weeks. I have been quietly building lists of where/what I can eat.) They definitely have gluten-free  muffins. In a worst case scenario, I can call that my main course at lunchtime.

I have absolutely no idea what I will have for breakfast. Eggs? Does orange juice have gluten in it? Can I use Splenda in my tea? Have they added gluten to my feta cheese?

I seriously don’t know what I will do. I live on sandwiches. And cookies. And cake.  I AM GLUTEN.

OR GLUTTON. More likely, the second choice.

I suspect I will be spending a great number of hours googling foods tomorrow.

At the end of the day, I will post a list of the foods I eat.

Everyone, wish me luck!


Just googled Spenda and Feta.

I am good to go. No gluten in either one! Hooray!