Change #72: Avoid The Writing Vortex For A 9:30 PM Curfew

Drafted This At 6:25 AM This Morning (Before Work) 

It is 6:25 AM right now as I draft this blog post.

I am a delinquent bedtime child who refuses to go to sleep and continues to negotiate my bedtime schedule on a daily basis. I rise from my slumber every weekday morning at 4:30 AM to allow for sufficient time to eat breakfast, walk LBM, shower, and commute to work.

I know I should sleep more.There have been studies that show it impacts a person’s mood, has been linked to depression, increases a person’s risk of heart disease and cancer. In spite of this, I refuse  to make an effort to go to sleep before 10:30 PM or on other days, I don’t slink into the bedroom until 11:30 PM. That means some nights I am only averaging about 4 1/2 hours sleep.

I am trying to make more of an effort to get to bed earlier as I have noticed some problems such as:  I have difficulty making decisions, I can’t string two words together to save my life when writing, I am more emotional, and often times more clumsy. (I will drop things 3 or 4 times in a row.)

The problem is that the evenings are my only time to really concentrate on my writing. For this reason, sometimes I find myself caught in the writing vortex – that’s how I refer to it. It’s the beautiful spot where I’m on a roll, making huge strides in my writing, and then my eyes occasionally  drift down to the bottom right of my screen as I watch the minutes tick by on my computer. Or, maybe I’m not making any real progress at all. However, by going to bed it will mean that the only time I will get to work on my writing again, will be the next night after a full day. Or, maybe I get caught in the vortex just because I love to write and it’s hard to drag myself away from my computer. (There appear to be many reasons why I refuse to stop writing well past bedtime.) Either way, before you know it, I’ve lied again to my husband when I said, I’ll be in bed in 10 minutes.  

But tonight I am going to be in bed by 9:30 PM. This doesn’t mean I will be asleep. It just means I’ll be snuggled in and making an effort.  Hopefully with the extra beauty sleep, I won’t feel like the walking dead on Thursday.

Why did I draft this post early?

To avoid the writing vortex.  

(Ack! After work tonight, I almost got caught in the VORTEX doing revisions! Pulling self away from computer! Must prep for bedtime!)


Face is washed and moisturized.

Teeth are brushed.

Bed is made.

Hershey’s bed is made.

Picture of Time When I Am Ready to Go To Bed: 


Goodnight everyone! It’s officially 9:30 PM!


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