Update to Change #66: The Applying Cosmetics Daily Challenge

So far so good.

I’ve done it every day. Sometimes, much to my annoyance on particular days. After the Hypothermic 10 KM Run last Saturday, I applied it even though after a hot shower I still felt frozen and it was challenge to get eyeliner applied in a straight line under my eyelid. Yesterday, even though I was already running late in meeting a friend for coffee, I whipped out my eyeshadow brush and eyeliner and in a maniac manner, got it on with red lipstick to boot.

I do feel now with the blonde hair, the purple eyeshadow, and the green fingernails that I can not escape from seeing as I type this blog post; I am beginning to resemble more and more on a daily basis – Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show.

I’m just saying.

Ok. I guess it seems worse in my head. I am a stunned bunny with a little bit of makeup.



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