Update to Change #66: The Applying Cosmetics Daily Challenge

So far so good.

I’ve done it every day. Sometimes, much to my annoyance on particular days. After the Hypothermic 10 KM Run last Saturday, I applied it even though after a hot shower I still felt frozen and it was challenge to get eyeliner applied in a straight line under my eyelid. Yesterday, even though I was already running late in meeting a friend for coffee, I whipped out my eyeshadow brush and eyeliner and in a maniac manner, got it on with red lipstick to boot.

I do feel now with the blonde hair, the purple eyeshadow, and the green fingernails that I can not escape from seeing as I type this blog post; I am beginning to resemble more and more on a daily basis – Mimi, from The Drew Carey Show.

I’m just saying.

Ok. I guess it seems worse in my head. I am a stunned bunny with a little bit of makeup.



Change #71: Paint The Nails Green for St. Patty’s Day

Most years I can barely manage a green shirt on St.Patrick’s Day. I celebrate the day typically at a pub/bar, with my barely green shirt, while sipping wine with my hubby and friends. (Not even on this day, will I drink beer.)  The point as always in my life is to expend a minimal amount of effort in everything I do.

This year because of this blog, I’ve decided to go green or stay home. That’s right. I’m going to make a serious effort to be a part of the party, and will proudly parade in as much green as I can.

With that playing in the background of my mind, I’ve been gathering green things. I was hoping to purchase something new for the day/evening but after reviewing my clothes I now recall I do own a couple of green shirts.

Green pants are my bigger problem.  I had planned to purchase an inexpensive green dress, purchase green tights, and I would be ready for the party.  (With the dress and tights, no pants required.)

However, I am unable to locate a dress in any of the stores I frequent (they are mostly grocery stores). With St. Patrick’s 6 days away, I still have a small chance of finding enough green to cover me from head to toe. But it dims a little with each passing day.

Nonetheless, while doing some errands today, I diverted course briefly and went hunting for green nail polish. I stumbled across two colours by Revlon: 1) a lighter green called Eclectic and 2) a darker green called Posh.

If you recall, the colours that I owned prior to this blog were clear and a nude/light pink nail polish. With this blog, I added purple and red. However, green for me was a whole different ball game. I don’t do crazy/interesting/unique/different colours.

Don’t change. Don’t do anything too different. You may die of shock from shaking things up too much. After all, everyone knows that change is stressful. 

As I analyzed the nail polish in the store, turning them over and over again, holding them up to the light, I decided I quite liked the lighter nail polish called Eclectic. It was a cool shade of green and as I looked at the holder it came from, other people seemed to agree with me as it was nearly depleted of bottles. The Posh on the other hand, was nearly full.

I decided that everyone who follows my blog would be grateful that I at least bought green. After all, for me to wear the colour even for a day, was definitely going against the person I am.

Then, an Irish Fairy named Aishling came to me as I stood there in the aisle holding the two colours up and asked, “Do you believe that to be true?”

I answered, “YES! NOW GO AWAY!” With this statement, I threw my hands up in the air and began to move them from right to left, then left to right, in an effort to swat my fairy menace.

Annoyingly buzzing around me, Aishling just wouldn’t quit. I decided swatting at her wasn’t working. My next step was to grasp Eclectic tightly, toss Posh aside, and then weaved up and down several aisles in an effort to lose my fairy. When I no longer saw her, I ran to the cash, scanned my items, paid, and ran out the door. I turned back briefly and saw her staring at me through the glass with her wings flapping. She was clearly angry at me for outsmarting her. I grinned at her and said out loud, “Hahaha! I’ve won!”

When I arrived home, I found both bottles of nail polish in my bag. I quickly pulled the receipt out and checked while screaming, “that fairy turned me into a shoplifter!” But after I reviewed it, I saw both bottles appeared on my receipt. Aishling must have scanned it when I wasn’t looking and tossed it in the bag.

For some time,  I was furious.

Then it occurred to me. She was right. The colour I felt most UNCOMFORTABLE with was Posh. Eclectic was safe. To be honest and true in writing this blog, I always must lean towards the side of a colour that feels the most different. It’s about getting out there and living big.

Tonight, in honour of Aishling’s clever manoeuvre, I painted my nails with Posh and plan to leave it on my fingernails for a few days. Mid-week, I hope to use Eclectic. After all, it’s almost St. Patty’s Day. You can never have too much green in your life.

By the way, don’t look too close at my nails. Thanks to a nasty return to winter this weekend, after a brief thaw during the week, we are once again faced with -27 degree Celsius temperatures with the windchill. This has occurred for the last two days. For this reason, my hands have returned to cracked and bleeding.

As well, I don’t paint my fingernails very often. I’m not very good at it.


For St. Patrick’s Day 

Please don’t panic. I didn’t colour my hair green and perm it for Friday.  It’s a wig. I thought I would wear it to the bar/pub when we go out. Also, I might wear it to Starbucks in the morning when I get my tea. 🙂