Change #69: Eat Like a Vegan

I always expect a particular challenge not to be so difficult. As it turns out the ones that seem the easiest, are typically the most difficult. After 69 challenges done, you would think I would have learned this by now.

How many times do they say you need to repeat something before it sticks?  Maybe my number is 200. (That would translate to close to the last day of this blog.)

As of the moment I woke up this morning, my brain has been in overdrive questioning each piece of food that I shove in my mouth. The reason for this is simple: I had come up with an idea to make one of my challenges to eat only vegan foods (that means no animal or animal by-products) last week. When I started reviewing the foods I typically eat, I was astounded to find out most of them contained milk or eggs, and thereby, were forbidden.

Here are a few lists to simplify things:

Foods/Drinks That I Eat (Typically) In A Day:

  1. Orange juice
  2. Oatmeal with raisins (Other options: Cereal with milk and fruit, or egg and cheese sandwich)
  3. Chocolate covered granola bar
  4. Butter Croissant
  5. Bananas
  6. Yogurt
  7. Kashi Bars (2 of them!)
  8. Some other fruit (apple, pears, grapes, clementines….I love my fruit…)
  9. Cheese sandwich or veggie samosa
  10. Kit Kat Chocolate Bar (Afternoon pick me up!)
  11. Cheese, crackers and wine for dinner…or maybe something else….(But most of the time – that’s how my day ends.)

Forbidden Foods While Going Vegan:

  1. Cheese (It’s like taking away fruit and veggies from me. Are you kidding?)
  2. Butter (On my bread, in my desserts, in almost everything.) *Tangent – Here’s a story:  My father and I, before his death, would have huge fights about whether good old butter was healthier; or if margarine, that was made of a bunch of ingredients that no one can pronounce, was healthier. We boxed together regularly: me donning my margarine gloves, him with butter paws.  After he passed, the movie ***Julie/Julia came out and I noted that Julia Child lived to be 91. With her long life of eating butter, I suddenly understood what my Dad was saying. What a way to knock me out of the ring. One last sucker punch in the chops by Daddy, who made me eat my words. Or in this case, eat my butter.
  3. Eggs (It goes into cakes, and general pastries of all sorts. And that egg cheese sandwich for breakfast? It is definitely out of bounds.)
  4. My instant oatmeal contains traces of milk. (Even the healthy stuff is off the list.)
  5. Kashi Bars (Contains milk)
  6. Yogurt (No animal, or animal by-products. Definitely a no-no.)
  7. Kit Kat bar (Milk)
  8. No cheese for dinner. (Crackers and wine are ok!)

What I Eat Today: 

  1. OJ
  2. P & J Toast (Bavarian Rye does not have milk or egg! Also had to call the hubby at around 8:30 AM because I thought my jam might have pectin in it, and it occurred to me while commuting to work, this might be derived from critters. If I was going to fail at this challenge, I wanted to know as soon as possible so I could get back to  my poor eating habits. However, the label stated “fruit pectin”. Already hungry, I continued with the challenge.)
  3. 3 Coconut Date Rolls (Ingredients list: coconut and dates. That’s it, that’s all.)
  4. 2 bananas (To replace my 2 Kashi bars)
  5. Clementines
  6. Red peppers, carrots and tomatoes with SUPER spicy hummus! (Lunch)
  7. NUTS!!! (And a whole lot of them! I was starving at 10:30 AM!!!)
  8. Granola Cookie (Thank you Bridgehead. You were the only one that had a Vegan Dessert for me that I got to hunt out and savour at the end of the work day.)
  9. Wine
  10. Bread and Hummus (Around 7 PM I eat this. Why? BECAUSE I WAS STARVING!!!!)


What did I learn from this experience?

Mostly, that I’m hungry.

Ok. Not just that.

I do feel lighter, more alert (probably out of hunger) and I don’t need to eat as much cheese as I typically do. There are other foods that I can have that will leave me fairly satisfied.

Also, for those dedicated people who are Vegans: I salute you for your dedication to a lifestyle that is very difficult to meet. At least, for me.




***Googled the Movie Julie/Julia because I was pretty certain it came out a short time after my father passed away. I was right. My father died in February 2009, and the movie was released in July 2009.

Yeah, one last moment where Dad got to say, I told you so.