Weather Cooperates: Hypothermic 10 KM Run Tomorrow

The title is correct. Weather is cooperating. Cooperating in the context that it will be -21 degrees Celsius overnight,  and with a race start time tomorrow of 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM, it most likely guarantees the temperature could be -25 degree Celsius with the windchill. (If there is wind. I don’t know. I’m not looking at the weather forecast that closely.)

Welcome to Ottawa, ON in March. You never know what you’ll get. It can be a balmy 12 degrees Celsius one day, where it’s get the flip-flops and shorts out, and I want to sit on my back deck with a strawberry daiquiri and watch the snow melt on my lawn; or you will be thrust back into January 10th where you are layering clothes until you resemble the little brother from A Christmas Story and you can’t put your arms down because you have THAT many layers on. And you’re still FREEZING.

Hohoho! Merry Christmas! 

Wait. We’re waiting for the Easter Bunny now!  

But on a more positive note,  I did a 7 KM run last night. At 3 KM I thought there was no way I could do 7 KM as I heaved in air, felt stiff throughout my calf muscles, and generally questioned my ability to run 10 KM on Saturday. But a littler later, I really enjoyed my run! I felt a couple of twinges in my foot with a brief panic of: please, I don’t  want to blow my achilles tendon a few days before the race! 

But ultimately, it was magical. I’ve forgotten how beautiful it is to run in pitch blackness, with starry skies above, with only the faint outline of the moon to guide your steps.

Well, with the street lights. And cars headlights. And the glow from the mini malls in my area. And for a brief moment, I was certain I could smell pot pouring from one of the cars stopped at a traffic light.

All joking aside, (and it’s all true) I really did feel great after my run. I’ve forgotten how good it feels to run longer distances. I should do it more often.

Hypothermic 10 KM run is tomorrow. I am not prepared. My husband picked up my race kit. He also told me the location of the event. (I was going to go somewhere else.) Am I ready? Nope.

Am I going to do it. Yes. Why? Because I’ve dropped out of so many races because I wasn’t ready that I’ve lost count. Sometimes, I failed to show up to the start line for good reasons; but sometimes it was just because I was lazy.

There are some days when you can make an excuse as to why you shouldn’t do something. Then there are the times when you set your excuses aside, just do it, and hope for the best.

Thank you Mother Nature. If you could add in either freezing rain or snow that would be most helpful. 

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