Change #66: A Promise To Be Made: Keep The Blonde Hair For 30 Days & Wear Cosmetics Every Day

Some changes you need to make consistently or for a longer period of time. They force you to adapt to new things and to new situations. If you forfeit the adjustment period, you haven’t really tried to make something new work.

I must confess, after 42 years as a brunette (I had a full head of black hair when I was a baby) I am having trouble adjusting to the blonde. The comments from co-workers, friends, to even the cafeteria staff that are located in my building where I work, follow the same pattern: initially there is shock, followed quickly by I really like it!, and later to one of awe. I have surprised a great number of people by my daring new hair. The most surprised person is myself.

But every time I walk by a mirror, I’m just not certain Goldilocks fits who I am. As of Saturday, I have worn make-up every day after my initial realization that sans cosmetics and with the lighter hair, I may very well look my age. But with make-up on, I think I look alright.

That maybe the crux of my problem. I believe that to be blonde,  I may need to invest more time into maintenance, of coordinated brighter clothes (I liked the 5 days of colours, but honestly- some days I just want to wear black and grey), and full make-up. Ultimately, I don’t know if that’s who I am. Let’s be honest, I love those hiking boots.

But here’s my promise to you – I will wear make-up every day for the next 30 days and keep my blonde hair. And we’ll see if the brunette can adapt to being a blonde. (The end date will be March 31st for this challenge.)

One last thing – I will not flood this blog with daily snaps of my face to prove that  I am wearing make-up each day. But, I’ll take one picture tomorrow, and then another picture intermittently throughout the next 30 days. Trust me if I fail this challenge, I’ll own up to it.

The “colours” I will be wearing. Well, I have a few other lipsticks and my concealer – but yeah, this is pretty much my collection of make-up. Hey, what can I say? Be grateful we now have the purple in the mix. 🙂 



Mother Nature: You say you’ve signed up for a Hypothermic Run on Saturday? Wait, but I made it really mild for the last week? Hold on! Let me fix that. There you go! Now it will be frigidly cold for your run! Enjoy! 

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