Change #63: Summoning The Little Girl Within, Eating Bubble Gum Ice Cream

Bubble gum ice cream I have never tasted. NEVER.

Tonight, my challenge was to remedy that and be the old woman, with slightly greying hair  (to be corrected this weekend), eating bubble gum ice cream at the mall. It would be mine; the rainbow of fluorescent colours of blue, green, red and white ice cream. I would FINALLY be – THAT KID!

But the Ice Cream God had different ideas. He pushed and prodded all the wee little tots, toddlers and sweet skipping rosy-cheeked kids to Purdys Chocolatier and they gobbled up all the Bubble Gum ice cream.

I was too late. No bubble gum ice cream for me tonight.

The Purdys Chocolatier stood in front of me ready to scoop the flavour I selected. I told her slightly crestfallen, I had come for the bubble gum ice cream because I never had it. She described to me how much she loved it, and declared it was her favourite. I decided with her testament, that it sounded well worth a second attempt at a later date.

As I looked at the ice cream options, I decided not to be beaten by the next generation of sugar consumers.  A quick survey showed me two possible options that were similar to Bubble Gum: the Candy Cane or the Birthday Cake Ice Cream. I leaned quite heavily to Door #2, with the blue swirls that twisted and turned throughout luscious whiteness.

This little girl, wanted to be sure she was making the right choice though. With the Chocolatier standing before me I decided to ask the expert, “If I were a 5-year old little girl, which ice cream would I pick?”

Without hesitation the Chocolatier pronounced, “Oh, it would definitely be the Birthday Cake.”

I beamed proudly and said, “that’s what I thought.” It was reassuring to know that the child within me is still alive and well.

I grabbed my ice cream in a cup (no cone today as I needed to capture a picture) and found myself a seat at the Carlingwood Mall. As I scooped a bit up and heaved it into my mouth, there was that familiar taste of white cake with icing. Except, in this particular instance, it was cold. It was gorgeously delicious and well worth every sinful calorie.

Now some may ask themselves, is this Pushing Boundaries?

For me it was. 

At a certain age, there are certain things that to me – are forbidden. Rainbow coloured ice cream are reserved for children; skipping along the pavement is taboo.  At my age, the ice cream flavours I should choose are limited to vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or if I really want to push things – mint chocolate!

I don’t know if these are my assumptions, things I learned as I got older, beliefs that were instilled in me by watching how the adults in my life behaved when I was a child, or if they are societal norms that I learned by watching how other people behave. All I know is that for me, eating Birthday Cake ice cream is not something I should have done.

But I did it anyways. 




Updates on 10 KM Training AND Reading THAT book!

  1. 10 KM Training – Yeah, not going well. I have only run an additional 3.50 km on Monday. But I’m still doing the race. Who cares if I come in last?  And you never know, maybe I can crank out another 30 KM in the next week. The universe is a vast and mysterious place. Anything can happen.
  2. The Damned and Beautiful – Thanks to a 2 hr car appointment tonight, I am now on page 226. Whoo!!

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