Change #62: Remember, The Beautiful and Damned?

And it’s still a work in progress….

That’s a sad state – because if you’ve seen my profile on Goodreads, you know that I started it around October 18th, 2016. (Here’s a confession: I tend to be late entering my books on Goodreads. Therefore, there’s a good chance I already had it for a month before I logged it in the system.)

Don’t let my lack of commitment in  completing the book, be an indicator of my like or dislike of it. I like the book. It took me a little time to get into it, but I do want to see how it ends. But for some reason, I fail to make the time. Every single day.  For that reason, I sit currently on page 194. (There are 388 pages in the copy of the book I own.)


This leads me to reflect on boundaries that I create, when I want to try something new. My obstacles seem to consist primarily of the following:

  1. Time constraints (You know this already. It’s been mentioned in multiple posts.)
  2. Money (Swimming with Beluga whales in June, in Churchill Manitoba is expensive. It’s not going to happen.)
  3. Lack of commitment in completing the task (Ahem, 10 KM training schedule)
  4. Good old fear/self-preservation (Polar Plunge)

Sometimes it’s all of these obstacles, sometimes it’s just one, and other times it’s a combination of a few of these. I know there are other obstacles, but right now as I type this blog post – that’s all I got.

The problem is that for each time I procrastinate in completing one thing, means that I can’t begin something else. For example, I just purchased Sophia Kinsella’s new book, My (not so) Perfect life that I plan to read; I have Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy that’s been waiting for me to read for over a year (my sister-in-law gave it to me as a Christmas present two years ago because I loved the first one, but I still haven’t made the time to read the next book); and then there are countless others that I WANT TO READ. Every time I enter Chapters, I gaze longingly at books that I’ve considered reading for over a year. But, I feel I must complete my current book, read the other ones, and then I can buy something else.

And that brings me to the point of this blog post.

My mission, if I choose to accept it, is this: Finish The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald by February 28th at midnight.  No excuses. Get it done already.


Did you notice my change in wording when I wrote about not completing the book?  I previously would post: I don’t have the time.

But now I know, I do have the time. It’s limited, that’s for certain, but the reality is:  I fail to make the time. Sure, there are reasons: I have to work, I need to exercise, Hershey wants his walk, my floors are filthy. I still need to own it.


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