Sometimes When You Win, You Fail

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” 

~Winston Churchill

We are at Change #61.

Well, maybe change #60.

I successfully completed my 5 days wearing a brightly coloured (ok, brightly coloured for me) top to work 5 days in a row even though on some days I did miss my black and grey sweaters/shirts a little.  Three cheers for me! Yeah! Success!

But, do you remember that 10 KM training schedule? The one I said I needed to complete 36.4 KM in training time before my run, and if I didn’t meet that objective, I would remove it from the count?

Well, so far, not so good. After I built it, I proceeded not to run one day this week.(In my defence, there was snow almost every day this week that meant I was trapped in my car for almost 2 hours one day crawling to work, then 1.5 hours the next day. I know. I know. Stop making excuses.)

I just finished 3.33 KM this morning. With that added in (although, I’ll need to review the post and see if I promised everyone I would do it on the day I scheduled the run. I think I would have been smarter than that, because if there’s freezing rain I would have moved it to another day. But, then again, I sometimes forget important details like that.) I stand a VERY SMALL chance of successfully completing the training schedule.  With the runs left, if I complete them all as scheduled, I will have run 36 KM. (Again, with today’s run I’ll be at 39 KM).

But, I shall try even though there maybe a great possibility of failure as Winston’s Churchill’s words ring in my ears.

Yes, I checked off my rest day. Give me a break. 

Oh, did anyone notice at the top I typed “Marathon Schedule?” Oops, that’s where I got the template to build this one. My bad.





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