Change #56: Build A 10 KM Training Schedule And Stick To It

Did anyone hear that?

That’s the sound of father time ticking away in the background as my Hypothermic 10 KM race has slowly inched up on me. I now have less than 3 weeks to train.

Saturday, March 4th is the race. 

Darn it.

I said I would be better this time around. I would start running more, doing more stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure my legs don’t cramp up halfway through the course, and more importantly to give me a fighting chance that I will not be the last person.

I shan’t give up though. I will persevere. I have built a training schedule with no handbook but a general realization that it is far too late to expect to expect to come in first place after only running 2 KM a couple of times a week for the last 6 months.

Is that the sound of snickering in the background? But why? I always train religiously with tempo runs, fartleks and hill training?

Ok, never mind. I never do. I just get out there and run-ish and walk whenever I feel I need a break. (Hey, but I know the lingo!) I’m not a competitive person unless there’s  a risk that all the spectators have left by the time I get close to crossing the finish line, and the volunteers scowl at me in annoyance that they will be late for dinner and it is all my fault; I am the last of the last stragglers.

Actually, I shouldn’t say that. That’s never happened. The 2 or 3 volunteers that are still standing around pour their hearts out shouting, “You can do it! Go Penelope!” It’s very sweet and very much appreciated.

Also, it does motivate a person like me to pick up the pace a bit ensuring the volunteer MAY still make it in time for dinner.

Ok, so blog followers here is my commitment to you. I promise to complete 70% of my training runs. (Notice I said runs. The stretching/strengthening portion is negotiable.) That means that I will run 36.4 KM in the next 3 weeks. I will post updated copies of this schedule intermittently so you can see how I am progressing. If I fail to reach my objective, I will remove this post from the count. It will be -1 on Pushing Boundaries and quite frankly after my polar plunge last weekend I have been on a bit of a sabbatical from this blog that I couldn’t afford. I need to reach 64 changes by February 20th to stay on target.

No pressure.

One last point. I think I’m a funny person and that’s why I made the joke about coming in first place. But, for those that don’t know – if you add too many kilometers too quickly, you risk injury. You can blow an achilles tendon, a hamstring or a hip. I prefer not to get injured as I was hoping this 10 KM run would help me get back into exercise. An injury would be a complete setback. Me, and the 10 pounds I now carry, really can’t afford it.



Oh, and in case you are wondering why March 5th is on the schedule. I thought that was the day of the race. Yes, how prepared am I that I don’t even know the date  of the race?

Stop laughing. It’s not funny.


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