Change #52: Another Sunday, Another Coffee Shop – This Time Named Van Houtte

It would seem that hubby and I are building a trend of making our rounds to different coffee shops on Sunday afternoons. Two weekends ago we went to the The Morning Owl; this past Sunday, we entered the doors of Van Houtte located at the Tanger Outlet.

When we entered the café it was well maintained with light wood seats and tables that encouraged an atmosphere of please get off those tired feet, have a hot beverage, maybe a sandwich or dessert, and stay for awhile. This seemed like the perfect spot to park yourself if you spent hours going from store to store shopping. The windows were large, giving you a constant view of shoppers that meandered their way along the walkways with overstuffed bags; still others that carried nothing as they began their shopping adventure; or perhaps other people who came to Tanger Outlet simply to get out of their homes and engage the rest of the world. The point to their adventure was this: I want to be outside.

Our goal was simple: to try Van Houtte Café

Creatures of routine to the core, hubby and I ordered our standard drinks of coffee for him, and Mr. Earl Grey for me.  (At this point I feel Earl Grey deserves the title of Mr. in our relationship.) In spite of the fact that we just had breakfast a couple of hours earlier, I felt like if they had a dessert that was completely unique – I should try it. My eyes danced on cookies, muffins, croissants and sandwiches – but as my mind spun around quickly surveying the pastry display trying to make a decision as a lineup built up behind me, my mind barked, IT MUST BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Then I saw it.

Canellé. The description said it was vanilla and rum. How could I possibly go wrong? As well, it was also one of the smallest snacks on the menu. It was a win-win situation for a woman who was already full.

I purchased one Canellé and hubby and I shared it. Hubby was first diving into it and as he ripped a piece off and chewed I helped myself to the other 2/3. As my teeth worked to condense the piece into smaller morsels I stared at hubby  and said, “uhmmmm….???”.

The texture was chewy like Twizzlers and while I could taste the rum, the vanilla worked to dilute the rum taste to my disappointment. Hubby summed it up best when he said, “It’s like eating a big vanilla gummy bear.”

And he was right. Would I have the dessert again? No thanks, not for me. I lean towards the sweeter desserts. (Lemon cake, chocolate cake, and occasionally oatmeal raisin cookies.) But I will definitely be looking forward to another trip to Van Houtte Café.



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