Change #51 Update: How I Spent My Saturday

The top 9 things I did with my hours from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM yesterday:

  1. Went to the drive-thru at McDonald’s to buy my combo #1. Eat breakfast at home.
  2. Discussed politics with hubby over breakfast while also sipping tea. (There are so many things that  a) make me angry b) scare me.)
  3. Reviewed movie times. A Monster Calls is no longer playing at a nearby theater. Slightly disappointed that I missed another movie before it left the theater. But persevered to try to make it a great day anyways.
  4. Fiddled with my Pushing Boundaries website to turn one of my blog pictures into one of the front pages. (It seems ridiculous that I haven’t personalized this website yet. Successfully completed this task today.)
  5. Finally took a shower at 11:00 AM. (That’s the latest I have showered in over a year.)
  6. Cleaned my floors and mopped them. (Ok, ok. I like having a clean house on Saturday’s. It’s a thing.)
  7. Went to Starbucks and spent 1.5 hours drinking tea, eat a snack and read my book. (Do you remember that book The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald? That’s the one I read. It’s been  6 months. I’m enjoying it, I just never get a chance to read it.)
  8. Cue Mission Impossible music….  Ha! Successfully purchased new work shoes!! 
  9. Went to Chapters and perused magazines/books. Once I finish my current read, there are several other books that I want to read next.

I was hoping for a top 10 list but once I started writing this post I realized I didn’t do 10 things.

It was a beautiful slow day. 


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