Change #51: Hitting the Stop Button On The Sport Watch for Saturday

I’ve opened the doors freeing myself of obligations this Saturday.  This Saturday, I have declared the hours between 10 AM – 6 PM as my time.

When you hit the button on the stop watch of a sport’s watch, time is frozen. Anything can happen between that time and space. Well sort of. Time keeps moving, but it no longer counts. (Ok, who else watches Dr. Who?)

Anyways, this Saturday – that’s exactly what I’m permitting.

Now some may wonder why not the full day, from 8 AM – 9 PM? I have a dog that needs his walk (and he’s pretty cool as well) and a hubby that I like to hang out with on Saturday nights. I’m that girl.  

But 10 AM  – 6 PM is my time. That means I can do anything I want and my schedule is subject to change without notice. If at 2 PM I decide I want to see a Monster Calls the ball is in my court. But if at 2 PM I decide napping is more important, I can change my plans without dissappointing anyone else. Cleaning my closet out? Yup! I Can do it! Shopping for shoes? Yeah! (My shoes at work are in dire need of replacement. I hate shopping, but my lower back is starting to have some issues. Some things you can’t put off forever.) A late afternoon lunch, wherever I want? It’s all up to me.

Why did I decide to step back from a schedule this weekend? When I woke up every Monday morning the last 3 weeks in a row and wanted to cry because I was more tired than on Friday, it should have been an indicator something was amiss. Somehow I missed it. When Hershey stalled on his early morning walks (I still needed to get home and get ready for work) and I turned into a 2 year old that threw her hands in the air, and wanted to throw myself on the park field  and cry as I had a meltdown, it should been another indicator. But I missed that one too.

Then it occurred to me – burnout baby.

So, here’s to taking a step back, recharging, and pushing forward towards the polar plunge on Sunday February 5th.


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