Change #50: The Wasabi Ranch Peas

I spend a great deal of time plotting what I should change next for this blog. Last Saturday morning, I had that exact conversation with a friend of mine as our dogs ran circles around us. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now that I think back, I’m sure there were little bits of desperation peppered throughout my voice when I said, I’m kinda worried I’m going to run out of things to do for the blog. 

My friend that I’ll call K said the obvious, Well, there was always a chance that could happen.

I began to nod my head in agreement and then stopped myself and I blurted out, No! It’s one thing 4 times a week! It can’t be that hard! 

Because, it really shouldn’t be. There is always something different to do, to try, to eat, a new exercise, a new way to drive to work, a cooking class to take – there must be something! It’s the big and the small. Not ALL of my changes need to be ice baths and polar plunges. (Holy c–p! Is that 10 days away?)

Ok, back to peas.

On Sunday night I zipped into the grocery store, swinging my basket back and forth (I was speeding because I HATE shopping. For groceries, for clothes, for anything. I want to get in and get out, I have better stuff to do.) when I suddenly hit the breaks. Something new had caught my eye. It beckoned to me to try them.

The were peas. More specifically, Wasabi Ranch Peas. It was close to the gluten free aisle and while I do not have a gluten allergy, I always think gluten free stuff is better for me.


As I flipped the bag over, I surveyed the nutritional information (because honestly, if it doesn’t pack a whole lot of something into those little peas I’m going for a bag of Munchies) and was shocked about how many boxes were checked off  at the back.  20170124_045943

Do you see that? That’s 6 grams of fibre, 10% for calcium and 20% for iron. (The iron I’m keen on because…I have issues.)

I’ve never looked closely at the back of the Munchies bag, but I’m pretty certain the peas have the Munchies beat with vitamins.

The problem is the seaweed salad incident. That terrible night when I bought a “vegetable” from the grocery store and proceeded to barely swallow two forkfuls before dumping the rest of it in the trash can. Thanks to you seaweed salad, I am now convinced that if a “snack” is loaded with vitamins, it’s probably going to taste terrible.

But I was wrong.

Yeah, you’re reading that right. I was wrong. They were light, salty and spicy (spicy – just like wasabi) and on Monday night I devoured what remained of the bag while standing in the kitchen chatting with hubby. (Hubby had found them earlier in the day, but left me some after I warned him it was one of my changes for this blog.) When there was nothing left in the bag, I found myself sticking my eyeball in the bag wishing there was a genie near by that may grant me a wish for more Wasabi peas.

But, there would be no more Wasabi peas. It was probably for the best. When we looked closer at the bag it turns out you need to eat 1/2 the bag in order to gain that 20% of iron. Also, as all substitute chip foods do, it was loaded with salt.

Would I have them again?



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