Change #49: A New Coffee Shop Named Morning Owl

It was sometime last week that I saw it. I had finished a long day at work, got a couple of errands done, and was on route home. I passed a set of new rental units that have been added like legos to the group of buildings over the last few years. As my car climbed up a slight hill I saw something different; different then all the other rental units.

Tucked on a corner was a coffee shop named Morning Owl. My hubby and I had been to one that was located close to Lansdowne Park a few short months ago, but it was small on the inside with only a bare minimum of bar stools to sit, coffee and tea as a choice and a very small dessert menu. As my car passed by, I craned my neck to take a quick look; it was big and expansive on the inside and had a modern feel. I made a point of noting the location, and declared to make the coffee shop one of my changes.

Today, we checked out the Morning Owl as our afternoon coffee/tea spot.

As we walked in, I noted the room was big and expansive with a modern feel; but to my delight while some of the furniture was brightly coloured with what seemed like orange plastic chairs, there were other wooden chairs and couches too. I am a fan of wooden chairs and wooden tables as it gives an ambience of inviting clients to stay for awhile. In contrast, I feel steel and plastic chairs seem to deliver a  different message of: Thank you for coming, but when you’re done, you must leave.  But the mix of the couches, plastic/steel chairs, and wooden tables and chairs worked well in different sections and perhaps, successfully gave each person a choice in terms of personal preference. After all, what one person enjoys in terms of comfort, might be completely different for someone else.

Given the size of the open space, the number of people, and the concrete floors, I expected an echo of voices and laughter would ricochet off the walls. But, this was not the case. While each person was relaxed either typing into laptops, enjoying their brunch, or simply having coffee/tea and a dessert while sharing conversation – it was as if each person followed some hidden rule and we spoke in whispered voices.

The layout of the coffee shop was a mix of everything; you could come in for a coffee/tea and a dessert, a full sit down brunch,  or a mid afternoon sandwich to keep you going till dinner, or in the evening a short menu of drinks were also a choice. It seemed to cater to every person’s whim and was meant to be a place to socialize while offering a varied menu in comfort and taste.

Would we go back again? Of course! The chocolate cake my hubby had, and my lemon cake were moist and fresh and tasted amazing. Why wouldn’t we? Our old love remains with our faithful coffee shops; but we have found another new love, in the Morning Owl.



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