Polar Plunge In 17 Days And Is that A….

cold I feel coming on?

Why did I wake this morning with the right side of my throat sore and one nostril congested? Also concerning – why have I sneezed a couple of times and I seem to have developed a slow nasal drip?

I think it must be winter allergies.

I’m sure it’s winter allergies.

I couldn’t have caught a cold. I’ve wiped down the handles of my baskets obsessively with the sanitized wipes at the grocery store every time I’ve fetched groceries. I’ve refused to buy chocolate almonds from the bulk bin after I watched adults dive in with their hands and eat them right out of there. (Sorry, I don’t mean to judge, but that is stealing. Oddly enough, I’ve never seen a child do this.)

It’s not a cold.

And even if it is – short of catching a full blown flu with all the nasty symptoms that entails that would require me to be close to a bathroom (use your imagination) I’m still doing the polar plunge.

But if this is a cold, I have two weeks to kick it out of my system. And I have an immune system battle plan in place to make sure that happens.



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