I was planning on registering for the CN Tower Climb after I successfully completed my Polar Plunge. I figured there was no reason to register for this event if I don’t live through the first one. But I found myself chewing at the ends of my fingernails wondering, oh my god, what happens if the event fills up? I’ve posted it on my blog. (Well, in the video at the beginning of this year that was posted, I confessed  it in the last slide. Hey, everyone knows with the Avengers movies you have to stay till the very end of the movie for the teaser.) Then I thought, maybe they’ll make a special exception for me? After all, it’s not my fault that I have excelled at the art of  procrastinating.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. No exceptions for procrastinators, would be the organizers response. After all, it’s what I would say.

Then, I would find myself stairless. (Ok, that’s apparently not a word.)

So, I have officially registered for another event. This time it’s the CN Tower Stair Climb.

1776 step.



On April 8th I will attempt this task which is funny because I hate hills when I run. I can only imagine how much more this will hurt.

Except – I need not imagine. I’ve already attempted some training in my office building on a 15 minute break. On that day, I entered my stairwell and climbed from the bottom floor to the top several times. It roughly totalled 300 stairs. Embarrassingly, I was huffing and puffing the first few levels up. After when I was done, I plopped myself in my chair in front of my computer and found my calves and quads were on fire.

The next morning when I woke, I was still sore and stiff. After I fed LBM and made my lunch, I grabbed my oatmeal and meandered over to my couch where once I was in position, I went to swing my butt into the cushions and the turning/crouching caused a shooting pain through the right side of my back.

Yeah, there MUST be training.  Because I will need to do 1400 more stairs on April 8th.

I will either be in the best shape of my life by the end of this blog, or….

Let’s leave it at that.


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