Change #46: 2nd Attempt – Vera’s Burger Shack and the Mammoth Cheeseburger!

This was a do-over. The first time hubby and I attempted to have the Vera burger together (hubby has had one before) we failed. We went to the burger place and as we approached the burger shack/butcher’s shop/deli the fence that protects the glass window was half-pulled across, and the lights were dim. Dimmer than they should have been.

And a light bulb went on in my brain. I turned to hubby and said, “Oh, no. I think they may close at 6:00 PM.” It was past 5:30 PM and they most likely would have already turned the grill off. We checked, and it was true.

It had come tumbling back to me too late. That’s right – they reduce their hours from Monday to Wednesday to 6:00 PM. They were open till 9:00 PM on Thursday and Friday. We had arrived on the wrong day, at the wrong time. Typical. Closing time had come.

That night we opted for Thai food and rescheduled our burger date for another day.

Today was that day. Now, let me be clear about one thing. Hubby and I have ordered burgers from the butcher’s shop that is located at the same place, in the same room. We have taken these home with delight and have barbecued them with friends on a warm summer’s day on our back deck. But even many of these times, I have forfeited my burger in lieu of a chicken skewer. The size of this burger is too overwhelming for me some days.

But, I have never had a burger from the restaurant for several reasons:

1) The burgers are about $10 once you add cheese and bacon and I feel like I must be able to eat at least half because of the cost. This ties in to point 2 below.

2) I’ve heard they were HUGE and most of the time when dinner rolls around I’ve eaten too many calories and am unable to pack on an additional 700 calories at the end of my day.

3) I have killer heartburn and to end with a cheeseburger sounds like a guarantee of burning 2 AM acid reflux. No thank you.

However, today I eat the burger. As I picked it up with tomato juice dripping from my overly stuffy burger, I wondered what exactly I had gotten myself into. This burger was made for 6 ft 2 inch construction men that spent there days pouring concrete, lifting shovels and digging under the blazing sun. People who had earned it. Not a person like me, who had spent the better part of my day picking up groceries, getting random other bits from stores, and buying yet another tea from Starbucks. Then, once all that was accomplished, I found myself strenuously hunched over my computer as I hit the keyboard keys in an attempt to build a new world on my computer with dragons, knights and little girls lost.

But I eat the burger. And, in spite of my 5 foot 5 inch, 110 pound frame (fiction) it was very good. Perhaps – the best burger that I’ve ever had. (Shhh.. don’t tell hubby. It somehow tasted better than the ones we brought home from the same store and cooked on our barbecue.)  Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Would I do it again. Sure! But probably 6 months from now after my Hypothermic 10 KM run, and CN TOWER stair climb when I feel like I’ve earned it.



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