Change #42: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

With tonight’s post, I will have multiple vegetables added to my diet for today. Although, it may seem odd given the title of this post. But the vegetables we used included: garlic, onion, parsley and carrots that we put into our homemade meat sauce.

I’m the vegetable wizard at peeling and dicing! Ok, maybe not. 

I did the peeling and dicing while hubby mixed it all together that made this incredible meal. I love making our own spaghetti sauce as it’s one of the few dishes that we do not use a recipe for which guarantees a different sauce each time. I always insist that we use fresh garlic and onion when we make this dish. (When hubby and I first started living together we used garlic powder and onion salt. But, this gives the sauce a salty taste and less like onion or garlic.)


For the first time all week, no drama involving vegetables. Haha! Finally!

Although it does help to constantly check google to see what is classified as a vegetable. I must confess too, that I am relieved to learn that I am not alone in categorizing foods incorrectly.

One person I spoke with today that I told about this blog and my week of near-vegetable-fails said, “Well, you could have squash.”

And I said, “Nope, it’s a fruit.”

Later in the day I met with a friend, told her about my week of vegetable blunders, and mentioned that I planned to make meat sauce tonight to meet my objective of this blog entry.  I began rhyming off all the foods that I knew were officially vegetables. She wanted to help and said, “You can use peppers. Those are vegetables.” Then, there was a pause and she asked, “Right?”

I replied, “You know, I really don’t know anymore.”

She texted me later and: wait for it, wait for it, – turns out peppers are a fruit. 

How many posts have I done with vegetables? I think this one makes 4. Whew!

What a week. Who knew vegetables could be so difficult?


P.S. – How many of you thought that I would miss the deadline of midnight given that I am uploading this post close to 10:30 PM? Everyone, raise your hands!


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