Change #41: Yummy! Seaweed Salad!

I did not make it but I purchased it.

I thought briefly about eating the buckets of carrots that are bunkered down in my crisper drawer of my fridge as it shares space with my crunchy cauliflower. After all, I did say that I can repeat vegetables.

Alas, I could not do straight raw vegetables again. I would feel like once again I was cheating on everyone who is reading this blog. I went to good old Farm Boy (hubby and I have nicknamed it Farm Dude because it sounds cooler) on a quest to purchase vegetable soup of some sort.  But I thought hubby might be bored with vegetables and was going to purchase sushi for him instead. I recently had vegetable sushi myself (ahem, one of my inadvertent non-blogged changes that I thought I could do over for this blog. You see I don’t eat sushi, not even the vegetarian kind, but recently I did just that.) Anyhoo, then I saw it….SEAWEED SALAD!!!

Whoo! It seemed like it was a two for one. Try something completely different (I’m pretty certain I have never had seaweed salad) and meet my vegetable quota.  To be sure this was indeed a vegetable I stood in the grocery store, and pulled out my phone and googled, is seaweed a vegetable? I was overwhelmingly delighted when it came back in the positive.

When I arrived home my husband sorted the grocery bags and asked, “what’s this?” as his face contorted as he held the box with my seaweed salad.

“I thought I would try it for my blog.” I announced with my chest puffed out with pride.

When we opened the small box there was a musty smell that poured from the box. My nose inadvertently curled but I would not be deterred. My husband was the first to dive in with a fork and as he scooped a forkful up and heaved it into his mouth his face contorted and he said, “it’s crunchy.”

I looked at him as his hands convulsed back and forth as he choked to get the last bit down. I then heaved a forkful in my mouth and was overwhelmingly delighted. I didn’t understand why he looked so disgusted. It was absolutely DIVINE!

ICKKK!!! No!

I had to chew it because of the crunchy component but it was slimy as it wiggled down my throat. When I was a kid my grandmother would make a dish with squid and spinach. No was never an option with food, and when this dish arrived with each piece it felt like the squids legs were swishing in fishy delight down my throat. In my mind, they were alive and they were navigating down to my tummy where they would set up permanent residence, breed, and eventually take over my body. I would be transformed in a few months into 85% squid and only 15% of me would remain human.  The seaweed salad brought back that memory.

I admit I eat only a few forkfuls, but I did successfully ingest it. That be done, I have fulfilled my requirement for a vegetable today. But there will be no more seaweed salad in my future.


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