Change #40: The Vegetable Fix – Cauliflower, Carrots and Baba Ganoush

Look at me go! That’s three vegetables in one sitting and I didn’t have to cook one thing. We just cleaned and chopped the carrots, chopped the cauliflower and unsealed the baba ganoush that we bought from the store.  (Just for your information because I didn’t know before this post, one of the ingredients in baba ganoush – eggplant!)

With this entry, hubby and I also tried baba ganoush for the first time. We typically have hummus when we have fresh cut vegetables, but hubby bought the groceries and wanted to try it. When he told me about his grocery haul he informed me that he purchased hummus as well and continued with, “We could just have that.”

And my reply was this: “No, it’s Pushing Boundaries. Let’s try it.” That’s the thing. Once I started making changes, I found it got a lot easier every time and they started happening outside of this blog. I never completely break all my routines/patterns (E.G., Starbucks) but I am finding the art of exploring new things has become significantly easier, less stressful and less exhausting.

Change as it turns out, has changed me.  

I found baba ganoush significantly lighter than hummus, but it was wonderfully yummy. And the other thing about baba ganoush, in particular the eggplant part of the recipe – IT’S A FRUIT! Good thing I checked and I just didn’t have THAT for dinner.  It would be VEGETABLE FAIL II.

Then, I would need to eat the last two potatoes in my fridge tonight. 

I believe that scientists who classify foods are reclassifying many foods as a fruit. Their objective would be to force people like me to try to eat new foods, cook them in a new way, and force people like me to become less reliant on potatoes.

I’m just saying this: Scientific Community, I am on to you….

Baba Ganoush, Cauliflower, Carrots, and Grape Juice for Dinner.

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